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Felton was the son of cleman's Apollo. The young man was very proud that the mother filled his child's head with many stories of his father's glory. Wherever he went, he told these stories over and over until everyone was bored with him.

Once, when one of his playmates asked him to show his skill of coming down from the sky, he felt very proud that it was difficult to do so. He went back to his mother and told the sad story in tears. She couldn't do anything for him, so she sent her Sandong ward to ask Apollo for help.

The sun god received his son kindly and listened to the story with great interest. Then he swore by the river Styx, ready to help the boy at his request. But he did.

He was surprised to hear that the boy's hope was to drive his red carriage. He told his son about the danger on the road, but failed to stop him from trying. Because God swore in the river Styx that he would not break his word.

In order to avoid disaster, Apollo warned his son to take the middle route and stop the horse. It was time. Feton jumped into the carriage and set off.

Soon he was lost. He turned pale in the height, and the sky was wide in front and behind. The horse ran wild.

Unable to control them, feton threw them down. The carriage went straight to the ground, the river dried up and the crops withered. The men's burning earth sounded the cry of pain.

The angry Zeus soon found the cause of the trouble and without hesitation sent out the most powerful lightning strike to the proud and careless boy. Fiton fell straight into the river. His parents were grieving for the loss of their son, and his sisters were very dissatisfied with his untimely situation.

The tree of death turned into poplar and their tears..











Armstrong's career began with cycling, ranking seventh in the world. He won the tour de France championship on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service.

Many years later, he and five consecutive champions, Spanish cyclist andran of the tour de France, set a record in Armstrong to win the tour de France championship again In Armstrong's Tour de France, the first champion of the tour de France, put on yellow Lingqi mountain from the fourth stage. In order to win the driver's championship for the seventh consecutive July, Armstrong successfully won the seventh consecutive Tour de France PGA Tour and created the tour de France in the miracle history..




Carnivorous dinosaurs are large dinosaurs with strong hind limbs and short forelimbs. They are all theropods, often called carnivorous dinosaurs or carnivorous dinosaurs lizards. Carnivorous dinosaurs walk backward.

Because of the huge load, they may not move as fast as their heads. Their double jaws are very long and their jaw bones are huge curved. The serrated carnivorous dinosaurs that look like the edge of a steak knife are mainly other dinosaurs Sometimes they eat dead animals.

They may kill their prey with their claws, then kill their prey with their teeth and claws, and then tear up the virtual bone dragons and carnivorous dinosaurs. However, they are totally different from the general carnivorous dinosaurs. The dragon's posture is light and fast, and it is easy to grasp a pair of long arms and hands.

However, they have long and narrow jaws. They run very fast, except for small mammals and prey In addition, giant dinosaurs often pick up the remaining elasticity to eat after large carnivorous dinosaurs are full. The motto of virtual bone dinosaurs is: no one will use the skull of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaurs are dinosaurs about 10 million years old. There are many kinds of reptiles on the earth. Their body shapes, shapes and living habits are different.

Dinosaurs and reptiles in the land, sea and air have a large amount of activity Hechuan horse in Hechuan County, Sichuan Province, China. Longmen is meters long and weighs more than meters. It usually lives in a lake with a depth of meters.

Using the buoyancy of water, it feeds on the top heavy water algae. It has only one dog, some of which can fly in the air, like a long tailed beaked dragon with sharp teeth and a long tail. At the end of the tail, there is a film like a fly swatter Flying overlord, such as fish, meat, Himalayan tour, long jaw, long kiss, mouth has formed teeth, looks like today's dolphins, a large number of land soldiers, such as Stegosaurus, height, head small, back small, with two triangular plates, tail tip at the foot, is a kind of bone thorn weapon, ten thousand years ago, due to the strong crustal movement, terrain, climate change, competition and so on The reason is that dinosaurs were completely destroyed on the earth, which is the reason why dinosaurs were destroyed.

However, we should see that there is no reason to be diverse and complex. It is dinosaurs with interaction of external environment and internal factors.



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