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关于”比较餐厅“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Comparison Restaurant。以下是关于比较餐厅的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Comparison Restaurant

Classmate: Hello, we are the class investigators, we are the restaurant dining environment survey, your opinion is very important, will help the restaurant to better improve the dining environment, I hope you can spare some time, accept our survey, fill in a questionnaire, all our information and answers to you, just like statistical Secrets, thank you for your cooperation, your department does not score You think the overall environment of the University restaurant a, good B, general C, poorer three, you think the dining room table and chair should be placed in a scientific and reasonable a, B, general C, reasonable and unreasonable. Do you think the size of the canteen a, very wide B, general C, a little narrow D, very narrow do you think the canteen decoration needs Want a new more beautiful (Science) a, no need C, B, no matter what you think of the canteen and ventilation environment, good B, general C, poor D, very poor. You think the cafeteria provides enough tables, B, already too many, D is insufficient, very lack of C.

what do you think of the lighting in the restaurant a, good B, general C, poor D, very bad? Do you think the dining table health a, very clean B, relatively clean C, General D, dirty e, very dirty. You think the canteen workers' health condition a, very good B, relatively good C, average D, relatively poor e, very poor. You think that there are a lot of mosquitoes flying in the restaurant a, a lot of B, more C, general D, less e, almost No.

you think the canteen pollution prevention and control (dust, shame) a, many, very dirty B, relatively C, general D, less e, almost No. you think the waiting time for rice is too long a, B Do you think the food in the cafeteria is nutritious, B is rich, and it is not nutritious. Do you think that the food in the canteen is nutritious, B is nutritious and not nutritious.

Do you think that the food in the canteen is nutritious, B is nutritious and not nutritious. Do you think the food in the cafeteria is nutritious, B is rich and not nutritious. I don't pay much attention to C.

sometimes it's not hot enough D. It's often cold. Do you think that the food in the cafeteria is updated regularly, B is OK, C is You think the food is too small a, B, general C, not enough.

Do you think the business hours of the restaurant are reasonable? A, B, basically reasonable C, not very reasonable D. you are very dissatisfied with the staff's service attitude. A, B, C, D are not satisfied, very dissatisfied.




First of all, I think the print advertisement must be done well. The signboard of the restaurant and the signboard on the front of the restaurant should be beautiful, which may not be beautiful. But how to explain this problem properly? For example, opening a restaurant in the market, the toilet next to me, I'm sorry, the fruit store nearby.

I have to say that your food price is not high, so the business must be very good. I think the possibility is very low In my opinion, the price is moderate. As long as the color and pattern of the restaurant complement each other (it's me, what I do may be more romantic, or the relationship between art students.

In the end, it's good for business. Of course, the decoration style is at least not fresh and elegant. However, it's appropriate to say, I mean appropriate, that is, if a street is very small, a restaurant, and you stand there to meet the style of the whole street, that is to say, chefs and waiters must be good, a good cook and reasonable staff training and service English training can make a restaurant business fast (generally speaking, this article not only wrote an advertisement for a restaurant, it wrote More about the location, pattern and operation of the restaurant, so that the business of the restaurant is more and more complete.

I hope it can help you. The above suggestions are empty words. Ha, just look at the pictures.




Restaurant operators are inseparable from the restaurant marketing planning. The following is the restaurant marketing planning. We need to position a trademark for our fast food restaurant, not too strict, so that you have a warm home.

Dinner is one of the most popular services in the catering industry, so the price must not be too high, because there are many restaurants of the same grade, so it is a fixed price and other restaurants In the same position, or if your purchase price is really cheap, you can use low-cost strategy to seize market share. However, if the food in your restaurant is really different from that in other parts of the region, then they can use differentiation strategy. Starting from occupying a certain market share of differentiated products, they can take advantage of some preferential policies when opening Attract customers to notice the new restaurant, such as an ID card, foreign students at home can enjoy free delivery of special soup.



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