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关于”战争的危害简单“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The harm of war is simple。以下是关于战争的危害简单的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The harm of war is simple

Today's world is faced with many major threats, among which the most dangerous threat is war. Each war has a specific cause, but countries can take some measures to prevent the outbreak of war. The main reason for the war is ideological differences, in order to control the world.

Capitalist countries have never stopped controlling the war. The land ownership of the Communist government is also a reason for the country to declare war on its neighbors. For example, if oil is found on one country's land, another country may demand another country to own land for historical reasons, while another country may demand another country to own land for historical reasons Countries are likely to declare war in order to reclaim oil-bearing land and prevent mutual massacre.

Countries in the world should try to resolve their differences through the United Nations and other international organizations or other peaceful means. The people of the world should never stop condemning those warmongers. If they dare to launch a new war, they will be put to the grave.




The earth is our home. We must protect it and not pollute it to achieve low-carbon life. In fact, scientists have found that at least a variety of environmental pollutants are harmful to the atmosphere, including nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, hydrofluorocarbons, etc., which are very harmful to human body.

Industrial production and transportation waste gas and dust are the main ways to cause air pollution, and the powder in industrial waste gas is the main way Dust particles will absorb many toxic and harmful substances. These pollutants will produce various chemical reactions in the atmosphere and produce more pollutants. The secondary pollution will form air pollutants, accumulate in the air, reduce the air quality, directly endanger human health, and damage the ozone layer.

The environmental problem of global warming has become a global problem, even affecting human life New research on survival and development shows that people die out when the climate changes in Devon, Nineveh.




There are many people who have all the material conditions of happiness, that is, health and adequate income. However, in this case, they are extremely unhappy. It seems that the fault lies in a wrong theory, that is, how to live in a sense.

We can say that any theory about how to live is wrong. We imagine that the difference between ourselves and animals is more impulsive than that of animals As long as the external conditions are favorable, if you have a cat, it will enjoy life. If it has food and warmth, and occasionally has the opportunity to spend the night on tiles, your needs are more complex.

But in a civilized society, especially in an English speaking society, this is easy to forget. People put forward a top goal to themselves. A businessman may be so eager to get rich that he may even be so eager to get rich When he finally became rich, he sacrificed his health and personal feelings.

In addition to admonishing others to imitate his noble example, many rich ladies, although nature did not give them any natural literary or artistic pleasure, decided to cultivate themselves and spend no time to learn how to correctly talk about fashionable new books written to bring happiness, Don't offer opportunities for dusty snobbery. You'll find that they all have something in common. The most important of these things is an activity, which can gradually build up what you like to see.

Women with instinctive pleasure for their children can get this satisfaction from cultivating family artists, writers and men. Science is based on this If they think their work is good for them, but there are many more humble forms of the same happiness - many people who work in the city devote their weekends to voluntary, unpaid work in their gardens, and when spring comes, they realize all the joy of creating beauty.



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