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关于”告别同学的小“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Farewell to my classmates。以下是关于告别同学的小的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Farewell to my classmates

When you look around, you will find that spring is coming, the breeze is gently brushing your face, the blue sky after rain is on your head, the flowers in the garden are blooming, everything is growing, and everything is full of vitality and fragrance. This is the best season of this year. You can't miss it.

You will love it. Spring is coming. It brings green to trees and grass, and vitality to flowers Things bring hope, birds begin to sing, farmers begin to plant crops in the fields in spring.

There is hope everywhere. People usually say that a good beginning is half of success, and spring is the beginning of a year. So we should cherish it, make full use of it, and try to sow in spring.

There will be a good harvest in autumn. Then you will see how important and lovely spring is.




March is an exciting day that I have been looking for for for a long time. Our small press group came all the way, facing the spring breeze. We were singing and laughing.

Unconsciously, I arrived at the destination. We ran away excitedly, some catching butterflies and some picking wild flowers. At this moment, the teacher yelled: "Jijijiji", everyone rushed to come here, and there was an image in the article“ The same team, along with the teacher, came to the tree planting place.

The teacher first told us the rules of planting trees, then we started to act. My partner and I chose a big shovel and a tall and strong little tree, and robbed a fertile land to start planting trees in them. What I said was that I did not pick up the spade to dig.

Then the teacher came up and said, "you are the force." When the gas is small, I dig for you. "Then, we dug a big and deep pit with a shovel. After finishing it, we picked up a shovel and dug a hole for the other students.

I carefully put the earth into the soil, grabbed a branch, and pushed the soft soil into the pit. At the foot of the solid mud, he looked at it, and was not satisfied. Finally, I planted the small tree.

Finally, I hung a small board with the words "grow up with you happily" on the top. Although the sweat of a tree was soaked through our clothes, we were still happy to plant a tree in the tree when we thought that our home was green. I swayed the fallen water and the coca water with the breeze, as if in gratitude With our departure, we hope that we can take good care of the forests and trees, and not cut down excessively, so as to add a green life to the urban life and make the green earth full of green.




Hello, everyone. In a cloudless and sunny day, Dagan primary school waved goodbye to us, thinking that I would leave his teacher and my classmates to get along with each other day and night. Walking in the campus full of hatred, every tree and every bush is our friend.

We have a deep feeling that we have shed sweat on the stadium, and we have made great efforts in Taekwondo Hall, We should leave our alma mater immediately, but sweat, sweat and wisdom will never disappear. We will replace our alma mater and grow into a pile of past events, just like pearls living on the road, reflecting the laughter of the students and the sound of reading. When I barbecue in the ocean sand dunes, the students went to the seaside to grab crabs to sweep tombs on the Qingming Festival For the martyrs in the mountains presented a white science and technology class, students play their own level, the class won many awards and English Festival, well prepared students, a sentence in English is remembered in the "June 1" International Children's day, the students' game is extremely happy, deeply imprinted in my heart, I will never forget goodbye, dear alma mater, you have raised me for so many years Let me roam in the ocean of knowledge and learn so much knowledge.

Goodbye, dear teacher, you have given me countless efforts and taught me so much knowledge. Goodbye sincerely, my classmates, we can't play together and live with new friends. In short, thousands of words only express my one meaning: goodbye, Alma mater teachers, classmates, I finished my speech].



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