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★★★★★3★★★★2 The importance of VIP reading classics is generally believed to be both important and beneficial to personality development and personal development. For me, nothing can bring me more happiness and happiness than reading the pieces of Confucius and Cao Xueqin. I believe that works like dream of Red Mansions and romance of the Three Kingdoms can greatly improve people's aesthetic taste and deepen the understanding of the glorious history of the Chinese nation Compared with TV series, sports events and video games, modern society is full of temptation.

Classic literary works are outdated and time-consuming in bookstores. Fast food books are replacing classics. Young writers have won the support of the majority of writers with sensational and chilling remarks.

College students should fully realize the important role of classics in broadening their horizons We began to read and study the treasures of our ancestral center, absorb the essence of these classic works, and publicize the importance of classics to the public, so that more and more ordinary people can enjoy the pleasure of reading..


★★★★★3★★★★2 VIP阅读经典的重要性人们普遍认为读经典既重要又有益于人格发展和个人发展对我来说,没有什么比读孔子、曹雪芹等伟人的杰作更能带给我快乐和快乐的了,我相信《红楼梦》、《三国演义》等作品能极大地提升人的审美情趣,加深对中华民族光辉历史的理解然而,与电视连续剧、体育赛事、电子游戏相比,现代社会充满了,经典文学作品在书店里过时费时,快餐读物正在取代经典,年轻作家以耸人听闻、冷冰冰的言论赢得了广大作家的支持我们大学生应该充分认识到经典在开阔视野中的重要作用,因此,我们应该开始阅读和研究我们祖先中心的宝藏,吸收这些经典作品的精华,并向公众宣传经典的重要性,以便越来越多的普通人可以享受阅读的乐趣:。


Some people think that classics are classics, because they can stand the test of time, so they can stand the treasure of all generations. We are no exception. Some people think that classics represent the wisdom of the past.

In the process of moving towards the future, our responsibility is to be brave in exploring the unknown, and to have a new understanding of human and natural classics, so that young people are fresh and fresh. Everyone who is more and more unfamiliar is here The pursuit of fashion trends, freshness, for some classic plays, not interested in books and other classic works in their view are incompatible, boring and interesting is that even if some young people do not know classics, they think that the only thing they are interested in is classics, but when yoeally calm down to think, now people are too impetuous, can not calm down to carefully experience the classics There is one thing that we haven't read. They are immersed in flashy things.

They are satisfied with just temporary pleasure and neglect their spiritual cultivation. In my opinion, as young people with new ears, our living environment is getting worse and worse, and there has been no temptation of this kind or that. They lure us step by step into an unbearable abyss No.1, it killed our will and spirit.

Let's practice our iron will and try our best to resist the temptation around us. I think we can choose some classic works and movies as our subjects. We want the spiritual feast left by our predecessors, so that we can not only enjoy in the material, but also enjoy the spirit of the world Make efforts to let us have the eternal immortality of the classic, bloom more brilliant light.




In recent years, there have been many adaptations of classics in these adaptations, and people's attention has been constantly aroused. We can find that even some typical characters and classic plots have changed. I think the reason why the adaptation of classics is so popular is: undeniably, the adaptation of classic works is to meet the taste of readers and the current trend, Because a large number of people are absorbing this kind of adaptation works for the second time, this is another way to attract people's attention and entertainment.

Most of these adapted classics are more interesting, easier to understand and more interesting to readers than the original works. Finally, the emergence of adaptation of classics is also a manifestation of creative ideas. However, I don't appreciate this kind of behavior, which distorts the original meaning of the works, reduces the true value of the works, and is a kind of destruction to our traditional culture.

This behavior will make our future generations have no chance to understand and inherit our traditional culture.



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