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关于”爱与孝“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Love and filial piety。以下是关于爱与孝的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Love and filial piety

Good evening, everyone. When I was a student, I had many teachers who were different. But I will never forget and always miss my bilingual Chinese teacher in Seattle middle school.

Ms. He is a thin person, but she is different from other teachers because she has given me something unforgettable. Mr.

He and I became friends in the first semester of that middle school. Because I had just transferred from a bilingual school, my subjects and I were very difficult to get along with. I stayed there for two months after I arrived in the United States.

My English was very poor. My average score was lower than C. at that time, I almost thought it was impossible to learn English.

One day, she told me that she firmly believed that I had the ability to control my life I'll be OK, she said she found us very similar: both of them are very stubborn, kind-hearted and simple minded. She believes that I have the quality of becoming smart. She even said that she doesn't worry about me or that I don't study English under her encouragement.

I found my strength and began to yearn to study harder. As a result, I quickly proved her right. At the end of the semester, I got an average score today, and I still kept in touch with her.

She also told me how she believed me sometimes. In retrospect, I wanted to know how I could handle these things if it was not for her encouragement and trust. Can I be who I am today? I suddenly realized that what we need is always Trust and love for others, because these things inspire us to be the best and make our lives the most fulfilling.

All in all, I would like to say to you: let us all cherish the trust and love of others and give full play to our potential in life.





Love is a strong feeling. When you are with the person you love, you will have a good feeling. You will feel excited and happy.

The deeper you love, the more you want to be together. You don't want to separate a person. When she is happy, you will be happier than her.

When she is sad, you will be more painful than her lover. Just like a cold, it will be the last thing you want him to be It is also necessary to have a light cold when we meet at a certain time, because the endotoxin in the body can eliminate the possibility that people always need to love and be loved, because we can't predict which day we will have a severe cold, just as we can't predict when we will meet. Just as we can't predict when we will meet, people love and have a cold by accident in their life, just as they sometimes leave suddenly Love is like a severe cold.

When you fall in love, you are vigorous and crazy, like a healthy and energetic body. But when love is lost, you will have endless sadness, just like a person with a bad cold, listless, thin and pale.




Abstract drama "Red Sorghum" is adapted from Mo Yan's "Red Sorghum family", which is an epic portrayal of life. In this epic, the dual identity of the hero Yu Zhanao is a bandit and a folk hero. His behavior is thought-provoking and has a deeper significance in the TV series.

Doctor Dahu's behavior is one of watching the play, and at the same time, his wild nature and This article describes the story of the "top killer" to interpret Yu Zhanao, the prototype of "spoiled child", and the cultural interpretation of Ao Xiaoguan's key words hidden in traditional virtues in the conflict between ID and superego: TV Red Sorghum and Yu Zhanao's top monk.



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