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关于”介绍东坡肉“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Dongpo meat。以下是关于介绍东坡肉的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Dongpo meat

Su Shi's ordinary way in my eyes: Su Dongpo is proficient in chess and poetry and works for the country and the people. Different people have different opinions. What is described in it is the same as that of Dongpo Buddhists in my eyes.

Since then, it has been called "Buddhist Dongpo". Known as Su Dongpo in the Northern Song Dynasty, he was a world-famous writer, poet, poet, and poet Calligrapher, gourmet, his poetry, CI, Fu, prose have very high attainments, and is a rare omnipotent in the history of Chinese literature and art, is also recognized in China's thousands of years of history, the most accomplished person is the bold and unconstrained poet, and his father Su Xun and his brother Su He four people in the Tang and Song Dynasty "the moon is in the sky, ask the sky wine, Tiangong Jue," which is tonight "This is the beginning of Su Shi's" prelude to autumn water melody in the 15th five years "written by Su Shi in Bianjing for missing his family. It should be a day of reunion.

But Su Zizhan is the only one sitting on the blue sky of the observatory. He just drinks" Tangshan, Tangshan, farewell "for this. Su Zizhan forgets the nostalgic consciousness and hopes that his family can be good, or can understand whether the family is thousands of miles away Zi Chan came to Hangzhou because he was not poetic after listening to the advice of several ministers.

He suddenly became a good official after 15 years. Who could write the prelude to Shuiqu.




Su Dongpo, surnamed Shi, Meishan, Sichuan Province. During the reign of beiyuanfeng, the three people came to Yixing one after another. He was very fond of a scenic spot in Yangxian county.

He saw the mountains like Dai, and the intoxicating Qingxi scenery lingered. He once said with emotion: "this Shushan mountain" is called "orange song". He wanted to buy a small garden here.

This kind of orange and when he was 300 years old, he said, "old wheat field Yoga, from one." It is not because of the setback of his career that Yixing people commemorate Su Dongpo and change Dushan to "Shushan". In shunnian tomorrow, vice minister Shen Hui of Yixing created a man-made building called Dongpo academy, which covers an area of more than 10 mu. Liu Ying and Su Shi are neutral and speak on the moon every month In the Qing Dynasty, emperors Kangxi and Qianlong repaired the Academy, which was destroyed in the battle of Xianfeng of the Taiping army, and rebuilt in the eighth year of Tongzhi.

In the eighth year of Guangxu, Dongpo Academy was renovated in Dingzhou town government on the birthday anniversary of Dongpo.




There is a Chinese saying: "learn" anyone who wants to achieve success must know the legend of "learning" and "learning". This is a couplet written by Su Dongpo coldly by his youth. It says: "all over the world, recognize all the characters".

That is a Bodhisattva who knew the view of yin and became a man. He took a book to thick and discussed with Su Dongpo I don't know a word. Su Dongpo's most praiseworthy is a wise man.

On the contrary, the couplet is: "busy reading all over the world, determined to dress this pair of couplets as Su Dongpo's target. From generation to generation, many great scientists are energetic and exploring on the road of science. When they have made some achievements, they are not complacent.

Try again. Qian Xuesen's world-famous atomic physics is great A scientist has great attainments. He has a habit of listening to the scientific knowledge of the Central People's broadcasting station every morning.

Many people don't understand the question that "great science also needs to listen to scientists' lectures". This is the spirit of "Qian Xuesen's study". He can make remarkable achievements.

Knowledge is the universe and can never be finished. Learning is a knowledge Lei, have an endless amount to learn.



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