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关于”写出读后感“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Write the feeling after reading。以下是关于写出读后感的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write the feeling after reading

The adventures of Pinocchio is a children's novel written by Italian writer Carlo colodi. It tells of Pinocchio's mischievous adventures with his poor father. An angel gives Pinocchio life and starts his adventure.

If he wants to be a real boy, he must pass the test of courage, loyalty and honesty. In his adventure, he runs away for fun Class, because of greed and was treated, because of his mischievous, he became a donkey. Moreover, once he lied, his nose would eventually grow longer.

He fell into the belly of a big whale and ran into Geppetto. Pinocchio finally grew up. He became honest, dit and kind.

He became a real boy. This story tells us that honesty, dice, courage and kindness are the most important things for us.




/It's a great book and you should read it to love and care. I sat on the sofa alone, thinking about what I had just read. My eyes were filled with tears of sadness, and my heart was full of angry flames.

It made my tired soul wake up. This soul has been covered by worldly cruelty and selfishness for a long time. This is my feeling after reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, a famous British writer.

The lack of resources in the book that I speak of, and what makes me feel different from all the good people in the world, is not only the lack of resources in the book that I speak of, but also the feeling of the lack of it in all of us Each other get some kind of spiritual stimulation, love and love. The philanthropic figures created by Dickens in his novels are just what we need in our life. They express their love and care to others, just like the drizzle falling on the ground and deeply engraved in my heart.

Mr. Brownlow is one of them. One day, he had an elaborate watch stolen by two skilled young thieves, Dodge and Charlie Bates, He naturally believed that Oliver had done it.

He was an orphan and was forced to live with a gang of thieves, because after the theft, he seized Oliver angrily and sent him to the police station, where the angry and unfair magistrate worked for him. Oliver was later proved to be innocent by a bystander sympathetically, and Mr. Brownlow injured him Poor Oliver took it to his home, where he lived happily for months as if he were Mr.






=====================================================J ` krowling is a world-famous writer, famous for the new Harry Potter. He is the author of a series of novels that attracted many people in the world. JK Rowling wrote novels since childhood, grew up in Chepstow, and wrote the first "book" at the age of Sisha.

The story about alibit is called rabbit. She is at Exeter University After studying French and classical literature, she moved to London to work for Amnesty International, and then went to Portugal to teach French as a foreign language. Before settling down in Edinburgh, the idea of Harry Porter appeared on the train from Manchester to London.

She said Harry Potter ======================================================================= I just read it After finishing the first Harry Potter book, I have read it five times. They are as magical and touching as before. Danger has seven quite satisfactory returns.

The roles are very wonderful and realistic. The bad people become good people, and the good people become bad people. Just like Li Fei thinks, what I like most about these books is such a message: it's normal to be different, and it doesn't matter.

I hope everyone in the school can hear this message, which may reduce bullying in school. These books are very valuable. Many people have real ideas about Harry's illegal behavior, but until now, only in this series will he break a rule for personal interests.

Most of the time, he will make a decision, that is, what is right is more important than what is written. You know what life is like. Sometimes I think children get an example of how to do the right thing, even if it involves breaking the rules in Porter's book, but at the same time, if you don't get caught and detained, the consequences of breaking the rules are there, and then a spell goes wrong and someone becomes a cat, which shows that when you make a decision to violate the rules, things may not be what you want As expected, you have to be responsible for the results.




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