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关于”我们可以改变世界“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:We can change the world。以下是关于我们可以改变世界的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:We can change the world

Pray for a few seconds each morning to overcome fear, to face up to all opportunities, to be open in setting goals, to be positive, to judge your day's plan quickly based on your priorities, to make sure that your choices are in line with your priorities. Remember that time is one of your most valuable assets in business and in your family. After a second, you may be inspired to change Change, ask others how you are doing, and then be prepared to really listen to "put $in an envelope, or anonymous $or $write it down, secretly and quickly leave it to someone you know in a few seconds.

You can use it to do good deeds without public approval." it's great to try "do something fast for the environment: refuse food made from styrofoam, tear it apart." Plastic around cans, strangle birds, or help a struggling animal break free. Choose a good breakfast. Your best energy starts with the second decision.

Choose foods that don't eat sugar and low starch. Eat more protein and fruit to start your day. If you're indoors all the time, go out and feel the sun on your face for a few seconds, it can quickly boost your mood if you're inside If possible, get sunlight from a more comfortable temperature - when you are asked to donate a charitable donation from a local businessman, say "yes" and give you a little more time than you originally planned to register for voting.

Just fill out the second card and you can follow this procedure or any registration procedure in your country Write a second card and decide to take advantage of the opportunity to vote, if you can, if you can, plant or plant plants or trees, if you have the skills to do so, it's quick to imagine that if millions of people do this, turn off the lights one room at a time, when you don't turn off the water, don't, wait, every second matters. Put a bag next to the trash can and put a recyclable item in it. Congratulations, you've started recycling now.

Stop any bad habits for a few seconds, and then repeat every few seconds, looking for laughter and laughter, repeating for a few seconds as needed to release the tension of drinking water. Imagine being content for a few seconds. Then, you imagine the balance between satisfaction and effort to continue God's will on you, take a determined attitude, and be determined to achieve it.





Change is an indispensable action in life. Maybe, you will change your career, maybe you will change your status, but no matter what kind of yourself is always the most important change, which can make you and your colleagues more harmonious, can make you look better, can make others very satisfied with you, can let you go to a higher level of change, is the best choice for a young person He came to work in a company. At first, he held various lofty goals and wanted to be a great enterprise.

But later, he found that the company had come all the way, just like in him. He couldn't see it or feel it. Because there was no pressure, he wanted to be dissatisfied with another company and start his work.

But a good friend said to him, "now find one It's not easy to get a suitable job. Why don't you look at yourself and then decide "he stayed with the idea of trying. Indeed, he found that his performance was not outstanding, his attitude towards colleagues was unfriendly, and he was not active enough to work.

At that moment, he became more friendly and active, and worked hard, and he was no longer alone as usual Zhan, when he met his best friend again, the young man had been promoted to a manager. He changed himself, changed his previous success state, and tried to change his shortcomings. He would give you a brilliant time.

He took the exam several times in a week near the exam. In the exam, I lost. I felt regretful that I could not recover my good grades.

It was the change that reminded me and let me Change learning methods, win the final victory, change you, make yourself more excellent, more perfect, let life shine for change.




We are not here to adapt to the world, but to change the world with the rapid development of technology. The world has been changed a lot by us. This is not only for us to adapt to the society we live in, but also for us, we can do a lot of things to make it a better world, not a world full of war and pollution, but a peaceful and fresh world.

All of these need us to work harder to change, for you, for me, for the whole human beings, to live on this planet longer, we We need to change a lot of bad habits. We need to protect our nature. In order to prevent Nautilus from being damaged, we need to change and live in harmony with the environment and animals.

A good change may bring us a better future, a longer and better future.



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