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关于”家庭温暖“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:family love。以下是关于家庭温暖的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:family love

A few years ago, I had a very good family. My family had only one small room. It was very difficult for three people to live in the same room.

Now we moved into a new apartment with one living room and two bedrooms. I am very happy that I can do my homework quietly in my room. When my parents do housework or other things, I love my family and I love my home.




Mat - kinship and blood clotting are gertainly's kinship. Depending on blood relationship, people often deduce one behavior after another. Hu Xi also tells a tragic story.

Under the dust laden mAb standard, a number of new buildings will be laid and raised. However, there is a solitary support with its own cabin. In the eyes of ordinary people, it may be difficult to protest.

But who knows, this "stubborn" back Later, there is a sad story: the head of the household is an old couple. Their only son is ruozhe, who is in his thirties. He often runs away from home and comes back once every ten and a half days.

But this time, they have been out for more than two months and have not come back. The old couple are worried that they are in a dilemma and will not affect the construction progress of the construction site, On this construction site, an old man was standing in the East and Quanzhou, with the rumble of Gibson, standing on the side looking forward to. The silly sons, who had not returned for a long time, let the dust fly and the wind and rain blew a big earthquake in the city.

People were surprised to find that many babies were living under their mothers' bows and dressed in flesh. Mothers in the legendary team in the year needed one urgently The only child suffering from uremic kidney, resolutely asked the doctor to give her a star kidney. This is my family, that is a beautiful family to the world.

She is in that sad care, in the holy and selfless care, in the regret dedication of this feeling, will let our life become pleasant scenery, let the world full of warm family, born, from the blood, but not The baptism of blood years, will show the dark of eroticism, the test of wisdom, will prove that love is rock solid, the most sincere feelings are not distant and alienated, not alienated because of estrangement. When feeling cherishes, material desire will occupy the soul, love will be defiled by material desire and trample on the best things in life. She called "family affection" as every life and natural give, sometimes, we in Occasionally lost some of its valuable wealth, with love life is perfect, no family life is not complete, and with a family do not cherish life, life is also a sad regret life.




^My family lives in the West Lake. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and my father.

They are tall and thin. He is a handsome man. He has big eyes.

His hair is straight. He likes watching TV, movies and reading books. My mother works in an office.

She cooks well. She likes reading. She is also very short and thin.

My sister is a student. She is an independent girl. She is elegant.

I am one of them But I'm in a junior high school. I go to school every weekend. I like playing dodgeball and listening to music.

I like my family because every family member has helped me a lot.



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