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关于”你不珍惜的会有人珍惜“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:What you don't cherish will be cherished by others。以下是关于你不珍惜的会有人珍惜的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What you don't cherish will be cherished by others

Time waits for no one. If time goes by, we only know what we can't do for tomorrow, not fight for tomorrow. Therefore, for those who work hard, we should make full use of today and strive for what we want.




Care about your dreams. My dreams ended when I was born. Although I didn't know at that time, I just grasped something that would never come true.

Dreams really exist, but in the morning you wake up, they are remembered like a dream. It happened to me. I always dream of dancing like a beautiful ballet dancer when I was young Dancing, listening to people clapping for me, I would walk around the wildflowers in my backyard for hours.

I can dance as if someone was watching me. I dance so fast that I forget where I am until the sound reminds me of where I really am, and I think if I spin faster, everything will disappear, and I'll be when I hear a voice saying, "I don't know why you bother to do ballet. Ballet dancers are all pretty, slim little girls.

And you don't even have the talent to be a ballerina. " I remember how these words paralyzed every feeling in my body to the ground. We lived by a nearby lake for hours.

Sometimes I would go there to hide. My parents were never at home. I didn't like to stay at home.

When they were at home, I could hear the walls talking about pain. My mother just yelled and criticized because she didn't What's perfect? She dreams of a different life, but eventually lives in a country far away from the city, and she believes that her dream will come true. I like to hang around the water and I'll sit there for hours and stare at my reflection.

I'm there, and it doesn't look like a beautiful ballet dancer's reflection. Once the waves come, it doesn't lie, and my reflection disappears, just like me I sat there staring at the water, hoping that my reflection would reappear and be different with age. I began to realize that my dream was born, first of all, because it was something deep in my heart - a dream I had never nurtured and cared for, so it slowly died, not that I wanted it to die, but When I woke up from years of dreams, I realized that you can't be content with dancing in wild flowers.

You have to walk to the podium. I sometimes go to the lake and sit there and watch my reflection when I was young. It's different to see what other people think of me.

Now that I'm older and smarter, I'll see what God thinks of me.





Time is life, time is speed, time is power. If we don't have time, if we live without time, how can we "pursue" our dreams? If we don't have time, how can we "pursue" our dreams? If we don't have time, how to cherish time equals to cherishing life. Lu Xun once said such a few words: "cherishing your time is equal to prolonging one's life".

Although time is very beautiful, we do not Study hard, because there is no down-to-earth person, time will be tardy, so we should cherish the good time since childhood. In the long song, we wrote: young lazy man, old beggar. As the saying goes, money is good, but money is not everything.

MasterCard can buy time, money can help those patients with incurable diseases to buy back health money, which can make trouble Small change back to carefree children. Of course, the answer is not like this. Zhu Zi said: "youth is easy to learn, and one inch into the old and difficult time is not light." Lu Xun, a great writer, once said: "time is life.

If you waste time talking to others, you should spit color Hemingway." time is a bird flying forever. Time is like water in a sponge, as long as you want to be crowded forever There are everyone in the distance, please cherish the time, but once / bloom, people are no longer young.



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