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关于”利弊“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:advantages and disadvantages。以下是关于利弊的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:advantages and disadvantages

Overseas Chinese commentators believe that there are many reasons to oppose going abroad for further study. On the one hand, living far away from home, students will feel lonely and homesick. Overseas students often feel lost and frustrated because of lack of sufficient knowledge and understanding of local customs and habits.

For another way of life, many students don't want to return to their motherland after graduation, which will inevitably lead to our country Supporters claim that studying abroad has many advantages: it can broaden students' horizons and give them the opportunity to experience a completely different culture; secondly, it has academic advantages; students can learn advanced science and technology; thirdly, when they complete their study abroad, they will have more choices for their future jobs The advantages of studying abroad are obvious. It can broaden the vision that students can easily obtain. When they finish their studies, they will have more job opportunities.




Network learning and traditional learning are the two most common learning methods in our daily study and life. Each of these two ways has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of online learning is that it brings free learning time to students, and it can be watched repeatedly, but it can deepen the impression.

It also has the disadvantage that teachers can not supervise students' learning. Traditional learning makes up for the deficiency of the Internet because it has A perfect supervision mechanism, but this does not mean that the traditional has no shortcomings, it limits the freedom of students and makes students passive. I think the goal of education is three first, to help us become a decent person.

This is the primary goal of education, which is also a very important value for each of us. Education is formed through learning. Therefore, education can play an important role in telling us what is right and what is wrong, guiding us to explore the life we love and teach us some skills We can make a living with these skills.

Society is a big machine. It needs all kinds of parts to run. Everyone is a part of it.

We must have something to offer.




In the past few years, there has been a trend of growth. From the chart, this percentage has increased by nearly one percentage point over last year. There are several reasons for this remarkable growth: first, second, perhaps the root cause is discussed above.

We can safely draw the conclusion that in recent years, although I believe (b) is affirmative, there are also some shortcomings that just think a) it also affects (a) on the other hand, B and B B in addition to the advantages greater than, they are two basic ways that both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, another advantage is its disadvantages. In contrast, there is another disadvantage: in my opinion, the balance and promotion of these two ways, in my opinion, are playing an increasingly important role, which will have a harmful impact on the two.

We may as well take a look at the recent statistical data The second point shown, a typical example of this, is that perhaps the most significant advantage is that I can't think of a better way to illustrate this effect than this fact, because in recent years, this phenomenon has attracted the public's attention, and people's opinions vary greatly. As is often said, there is no doubt that, despite all the advantages, it may also bring its own In addition, whether it is good or bad, one thing is certain:.


在过去的几年里,有一个增长的趋势,从图表上看,这个百分比比去年增加了近个百分点。这个显著的增长有几个原因:第一,第二,也许根本原因是上面讨论过的,我们可以有把握地得出结论,近几年来,虽然我相信(B)是肯定的,但是,也有一些缺点只是认为A)它也影响(A)另一方面,B B B除了优势大于,是两种方式都有利弊的两种基本方式,例如,另一个优点是缺点是相比之下,还有一个缺点优点:在我的观点认为,这两种方式的平衡与推进,在我看来,越来越起着重要的作用,会对二者产生有害的影响,对此我们不妨先看看近期的统计数据已经显示出的第二点,这方面的一个典型例子是,也许最显著的优点是,我想不出比这一事实更好的说明这种效果的方法了,因为近年来,这种现象已经引起了公众的注意,人们的看法千差万别,正如人们常说的那样,毫无疑问,尽管所有的优点,它也可能带来自己的问题,主要的问题是造成一个严重的问题,此外,不管它是好是坏,有一件事是肯定的:。

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