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关于”对电影评价“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Comments on films。以下是关于对电影评价的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Comments on films

(or, I suggest in today's column that, in a sense, it's not the new Yorker, but the more high-profile critics who seem to have decided to rate the film on a visual driven curve, since you would think that a movie like Avatar, a science fiction epic with groundbreaking special effects and weak scripts, would be in action The strongest defenders can be found on the websites of movies and science fiction movies, while the most disdainful critics will be found in the thinner air, or Peter Jackson will find that since last week, a moderate (appropriate) rebound has begun to take shape (I particularly like this fan's hostile comments, a truly great fantasy driven by special effects, such as black) The world of differences between the matrix (the first to leave fans with "the age of aliens" and "ground James," Cameron walks ons blockbuster boasts that Metacritic's ratings are impressive, while rotten tomatoes are Tomatos offers up to 100 percent fresh reviews, and from most reviews, it's a very good movie, and overall, it's not a sequel, "Avatar," by film critic James Cameron, "but you won't David Denby: the story of this movie may be a bit old-fashioned, but what kind of show is Cameron on, so it browses the online reactions of fans and movie fans. You can create epics better than wonders and special effects, which is good for them because you insist that science fiction movies should To be taken seriously, if not high-level art, should also be considered pop art, not just because there is a show that doesn't need to put James Cameron's film and show it through instant The source of opposition is unexpected, insisting that there are "rules of the game" and finding that Cameron wants it, but that means admitting.


(或者说,我在今天的专栏中建议,从某种意义上说,它不是《纽约客》,而是那些更为高调的评论家们似乎都决定将这部电影按照一种视觉驱动的曲线来评分,既然你会认为像《阿凡达》这样的电影,一部具有开创性的特效和弱小剧本的科幻史诗电影,会在动作片和沉迷科幻片的网站上找到最强烈的辩护者,而那些最不屑的批评家则会在更为稀薄的空气中找到,或者彼得·杰克逊会发现,自上周以来,一个温和(适当)的反弹已经开始形成(我特别喜欢这个粉丝的敌意评论,一个真正伟大的特殊效果驱动的幻想,如《黑客帝国》(Matrix)之间的差异世界(第一批留给粉丝们的是看过《外星人时代》和《大地詹姆斯》(ground James)的人卡梅隆·沃克斯·卡梅隆(Cameron walks ons blockbuster)夸口称,Metacritic的好评率令人印象深刻,而《烂番茄》(Rotten Tomatos)提供的高达百分之新鲜的评价,从大多数评论来看,这是一部非常好的电影,总体而言,不是续集)《阿凡达》(Avatar)和影评人詹姆斯·卡梅隆(James Cameron)的《但你不会的阿凡达》(you would'sAvatar)的好评率高视觉上惊人的和神学上的挑衅(大卫·丹比:这部电影的故事可能有点老套,但卡梅隆上演的是一出什么样的节目,所以它浏览了粉丝和电影迷们的在线反应,你比奇观和特效更能创造史诗,这对他们很有好处,因为你坚持认为科幻电影应该被认真对待,如果不是高级艺术的话,也应该被视为波普艺术,而不仅仅是因为上演了一场不需要将詹姆斯·卡梅隆的电影与放映后通过即时通讯工具(Instant Messenger)进行比较的好节目而拍脑袋反对的来源是出乎意料的,坚持要有“游戏规则”并发现卡梅伦想要,但这意味着承认。


Forrest Gump is unfortunately born with low IQ and muscle problems. Usually, people always think that this kind of person will not succeed in anything. However, this unfortunate man has achieved many incredible successes.

He is a football star and a war hero. Later, a millionaire Forrest Gump created the embodiment of virtue, honest, trustworthy, serious and brave in the film Pay attention to the emotion in the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jennie has become Hanks in the film very sincere natural show of depravity symbol, Oscar best actor's performance in this film let him successively get the money of the second film emperor, just like the success of Forrest Gump, also made Tom Hanks become the most popular movie in Hollywood One of the stars, these two years is the luckiest period of his acting career.




It's sunny today, and I'm very excited. It's not because of the good weather, but because of the 3D movie "Smurfs" (Argentina) released by Sony Pictures. The content of this film is very interesting, it's very interesting for children, and the scenes and colors are magnificent.

I think it's a successful motivation. Time passed quickly on the way home, and the audience fell in love with those can What a wonderful movie (Robinson Crusoe review) this is a novel by British writer Daniel Defoe, published here. It is one of the most popular adventure novels of all literary works.

A British man is shipwrecked on a lonely tropical island. He builds a hut for himself, grows his own food, and changes after many years To be self-sufficient, he met a group of cannibals and rescued one of their prisoners, a young aborigine he called fridaycrusoe, and his manfriday became close friends, and they were finally rescued four years later. The two works of Robinson Crusoe are based on the historical Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk Selkirk, who lived alone on a desert island for nearly five years.

The novel is famous for its lovely details and belief in the ability of humans to be alone in nature.


今天天气晴朗,我很兴奋,这不是因为天气好,而是因为索尼电影公司发行的3D电影《蓝精灵》(阿根廷,这部电影的内容非常有趣,对孩子们来说很有趣,场景和色彩都是宏伟壮丽的我认为这是一个成功的动机时间在回家的路上过得很快,观众们都爱上了那些可爱的蓝精灵多好的一部电影(鲁滨逊漂流记评论)这是英国作家丹尼尔·笛福的小说,出版于此是所有文学作品中最受欢迎的冒险小说之一《波宾逊漂流记》,一个英国人在一个孤独的热带岛屿上遭遇海难,他为自己建造了一个小屋,自己种植食物,并在多年后变得自给自足,他遇到一群食人族并营救了他们的一个囚犯,一个他称之为FridayCrusoe的年轻土著人和他的Manfriday成为了亲密的朋友,四年后他们终于获救,《鲁滨逊漂流记》的两部作品都是根据世纪苏格兰水手亚历山大·塞尔柯克(Alexander Selkirk)的真实事迹写成的,他在荒岛上独自生活了近五年。这部小说以其可爱的细节和对人类在大自然中独处时的能力的信仰而闻名。

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