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关于”情况说明函“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Information letter。以下是关于情况说明函的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Information letter

Note: as part of the student social survey project, you are leading a group to visit an exhibition in a small town and write to: ask for information about the exhibition content, opening and closing dates. Dear Mr. or Ms., as enthusiastic art lovers, a group of students have been looking forward to being the organizer of the exhibition.

I am writing this letter to get to know you I'd like to know if you can provide some information about the theme and exhibits of the exhibition. In addition, can you tell me the date of the exhibition? By the way, for better preparation, I also hope to get your valuable suggestions. If possible, you can pay attention to this letter in time.

I am very grateful for your timely reply, your sincerity, Li Ming.




BECBEC input: situation description task target reader reading: text in notes, letters, faxes, memos + content points (handwritten note, second letter) writing: business letter text) you have organized a production meeting for your company, which will be held in October. The following is a confirmation letter you received from the conference center. Please read the letters and faxes below, which provide details of the meeting.

Using all the information in the fax, write your letter to John Smith at Newfield Convention Center, stating that the change to the schedule does not include the postal address. Please write on another sheet of paper. Dear conference organizer, I am writing to confirm Meeting date and time: October morning to afternoon: number of guests: room reservation time: 1:00 p.m.

conference hall 3:00 seminar room 3:00 Catering: morning: Lunch: afternoon to 2:00 p.m. conference center dining room 4:00 p.m. We are looking forward to welcoming your company to the Nuffield Convention Center.

Dear John Smith, your production manager has sent you a A fax that says he wants to make some changes to the meeting schedule. I'm afraid we have to make some changes to our production schedule at the last minute. Another 10 guests accepted that the president only wanted an hour's lunch time, just a simple buffet, and did not sit in the dining room.

Tom moors, the speaker of the meeting, would not be able to come until the afternoon, so he would make his presentation in the afternoon. Can we move the seminar to the morning? Sorry, with regard to this example, this rule applies to any situation, and rule B has no exception. For example, the arguments put forward by the two authors are almost the same.

For example, English has had a significant impact on the development of other world languages, and other world languages have been greatly affected in their development.


BECBEC输入:情况描述任务目标读者阅读:笔记、信件、传真中的文本,备忘录+内容要点(手写便笺第二封信)书写:商务信函文字)您已经为您的公司组织了一次生产会议,会议将于10月举行。以下是您从会议中心收到的确认函,请阅读下面的信函和传真,其中提供了会议的详细信息,使用传真中的所有信息,将您的信写给位于纽菲尔德会议中心的约翰·史密斯,说明对安排的更改不包括邮政地址,请在另一张纸上写上文字亲爱的会议组织者,我写信确认会议日期和时间:10月日上午至下午:客人人数:房间预订时间:下午1:00会议厅下午3:00研讨会室3:00餐饮:上午:上午午餐:下午到下午2点会议中心餐厅下午4点我们期待着欢迎您的公司来到努菲尔德会议中心尊敬的约翰·史密斯,今天你的生产经理已经给你发了一份传真,上面写着他想对会议安排做些修改的传真,恐怕我们必须在最后一分钟对我们的生产安排做些修改。又有10位客人接受了总统只想要一个小时的午餐时间,只是一个简单的自助餐不坐在餐厅里,会议发言人汤姆·穆尔斯(Tom Moors)要到下午才能来,所以他将在下午做他的陈述。



Note: due to your illness that morning, you were unable to take Mr. Smith's International Business English writing test. Please write a letter explaining the reasons for your failure and apologizing.

Please write in words no less than words. Do not sign at the end of the letter. Dear Mr.

Smith, don't write the address. I'm really sorry that I missed your international business English writing test held last Friday. I'm very sorry for this.

I want you to know what happened that day. I suddenly fell ill that morning and my parents had to send me to the hospital, Please find a copy of the enclosed medical bill. I sincerely hope you can understand my situation and accept my apology.

I will thank you very much for allowing me to take part in a make-up examination. I will come to your office on Monday to discuss this possibility with you again. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you, Wang Hua Because I want to apologize to you, please accept my sincere apology, because I really feel very sorry for what I said / did.

Please allow me to apologize again for my dereliction of duty, but please allow me to accept my apology again. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. ".



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