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关于”介绍憨豆先生“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Introduce Mr. Bean。以下是关于介绍憨豆先生的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is a British comedy tv series, written by Rowan Atkinson and starred by Rowan Atkinson. Different episodes are also written by Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

The first episode was broadcast on ITV in the afternoon of January 1. The last one, good night Mr. Bean, was broadcast in October.

Based on a role developed by Atkinson in University, the series tells the story of Mr. Bean who seldom talks when he solves various problems in his daily work and often causes interference in the process His main body humor comes from his interactions with others and his unusual solutions to situations. The series was influenced by physical performers such as Jacques Tati and comedians from silent films.

During its five-year broadcast, the series has won a large number of British audiences, including the one million viewers of "the" episode. The series "Mr. Bean's trouble" has won many international awards, including the rose award.

The series has been sold around the world, inspired by an animated derivative and two feature films, bean's holiday, Richard Curtis's Mini, lwrmie n: Reliance regalgrak.


《憨豆先生》是一部英国喜剧电视连续剧,由罗恩·阿特金森(Rowan Atkinson)编剧,由罗恩·阿特金森(Rowan Atkinson)担任主角。不同的剧集也由罗宾·德里斯科尔(Robin Driscoll)、理查德·柯蒂斯(Richard Curtis)和本·埃尔顿(Ben Elton)执笔。第一集于1月1日下午在英国独立电视台(ITV)播出,最后一,《晚安憨豆先生》10月播出,根据阿特金森在大学里开发的一个角色改编,该系列讲述了比恩先生在解决日常工作中出现的各种问题,并经常在这个过程中造成干扰的皮恩先生很少说话的故事,这部连续剧的主要身体幽默来自于他与其他人的互动以及他对各种情况的不同寻常的解决方案。

该系列受到了雅克·塔蒂(Jacques Tati)和无声电影公司的喜剧演员等身体表演者的影响。该系列在五年的播出期间,赢得了大量的英国观众,其中包括“the”一集的百万观众《豆先生的麻烦》系列获得了许多国际奖项,包括玫瑰奖,该剧已在世界各地销售,其灵感来自于一部动画片的衍生作品和两部故事片《比恩的假日理查德·柯蒂斯的迷你们》LWRMINIen:Reliant RegalGRAK公司。


Mr. Bean is a British TV comedy series, starring Rowan Atkinson, Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton Elton) wrote a half-hour British TV comedy series, played by Ron Atkinson, the protagonist is a slow, sometimes intelligent, selfish and likable clown. He brings all kinds of unusual plans and indulgences into his daily work.

He lives alone in a small apartment in Highbury, North London. He almost always wears his trademark tweed The jacket and the skinny red iron man don't talk much. When he does, he usually has only a few vague words.

His name (he calls others "bean") and his occupation, if any, have never been mentioned. Atkinson once said when the first film was released that he imagined bean's name as Julian, thus making Julian bean A reference to Julian Bream, the famous guitarist and Pipa player he has, shows a strong knowledge of trigonometry in the first episode.


《憨豆先生》是一部英国喜剧电视连续剧,由罗恩·阿特金森(Rowan Atkinson)担任主角,由罗恩·阿特金森(Rowan Atkinson)、罗宾·德里斯科尔(Robin Driscoll)、理查德·柯蒂斯(Richard Curtis)和本·埃尔顿(Ben Elton)执笔的一部半小时的英国喜剧电视连续剧,由罗恩·阿特金森饰演的主人公是一个慢条斯理、时而聪明伶俐、自私又讨人喜欢的小丑,他把各种不寻常的计划和纵容带到日常工作中,他独自一人住在伦敦北部海布里的小公寓里,他几乎总是穿着标志性的粗花呢夹克和瘦小的红色铁人比恩很少说话,当他这样做的时候,通常只有几个含糊不清的词他的名字(他给别人起名叫“憨豆”)和职业,如果有的话,从来没有提到过,在第一部电影发行的时候,阿特金森曾说过,他把比恩的名字想象成朱利安,从而使朱利安·比恩成为他所拥有的著名吉他手和琵琶演奏家朱利安·布雷姆(Julian Bream)的参考在第一集中表现出对三角学有很强的知识。


Ron Sebastian Atkinson was born on January 6 in Newcastle, England. His father, Eric Atkinson, owned a farm where he grew up with his two brothers, Rupert and Rodney. He studied at Newcastle University and Oxford University, where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering.

During this period, he met the screenwriter Richard Curtis, and the people with whom he co wrote and performed comedies. He participated in the screenwriting and appeared in "not the news at nine o'clock". This was a great success and produced several bestsellers, which won international Emmy Awards and British studies He won the British Academy Award and was named BBC person of the year for his performance "not the nine o'clock news" Atkinson has also appeared in several films, including "time of the Queen's death" (also known as "Python meets the edge" never again) and his role in the TV series Mr.

Bean "Mr. Bean" is tall, but, in addition to that, he has appeared in several other series, such as "black Viper" and "funny business". Etkakinson's favorite is the express after his marriage with sonnetta Sutley.

They have two children, Benjamin and Lilyhttp://wwwwimdbcom/name/nm/bio.



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