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关于”艾滋病产生的原因“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Causes of AIDS。以下是关于艾滋病产生的原因的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Causes of AIDS

The World Health Organization says as many as one million people worldwide may be infected with HIV. Experts believe that there are about 1000 people infected with HIV. In the United States, there may be a million people infected with AIDS in the next five years.

The top U.S. medical official says more than five percent of the Americans infected with HIV five years ago have died. There is no cure for AIDS, there is no vaccine to prevent AIDS.

But researchers know more about AIDS than a few years ago. We now know that AIDS is caused by a virus that invades healthy cells, including white blood cells, as part of our defense system against disease. It controls the genetic material of healthy cells, forces the cells to replicate the virus, and then the cells and virus particles continue to invade and kill more healthy cells.

HIV can be transmitted in the human body through sexual transmission or through the sharing of intravenous drug delivery tools, or through blood products or AIDS pregnant women to her developing baby. A lot about AIDS transmission It's all false. You can't get AIDS by working or going to school.

You can't get AIDS by touching. Experts say no one can get AIDS by living with, caring for or touching AIDS patients. There are several signs of HIV infection, including constant tiredness, unexplained weight loss and uncontrolled discharge of body waste.

Other warnings are white areas in the mouth, dark red areas of the skin that do not disappear, and body temperature above normal.






AIDS is a very serious disease, spread very fast today, once was one of the most terrible killers of mankind. I learned from the Internet that AIDS is caused by HIV. There are no useful doctors in the world who can cure AIDS.

However, its transmission route is limited. There are basically three ways of transmission: first, through sexual intercourse; second, through contact with blood; third, from HIV mothers to infants and intravenous drug users, they may also be infected with HIV. In China, the actual transmission mode of HIV has changed from culture, and the main way of HIV infection is intravenous drugs.

At present, there are AIDS cases in China, there will be new AIDS cases every year. The largest number of AIDS cases in China is Wenlou Village in Henan Province. We can see that China's AIDS situation is very serious, we should take measures to solve the problem and prevent the spread of AIDS in China.

What methods can we do in these aspects: first of all, we should withdraw from carrying out AIDS knowledge education, so that people can understand the causes and transmission routes of AIDS, make people more clearly understand AIDS, and prevent AIDS, which is not only the second aspect of AIDS, but also to improve our scientific and technological level, create a healthy and civilized social environment, reduce the number of AIDS cases The occurrence of sexual intercourse, although AIDS is very terrible, but we should not be afraid, worried, or biased against it, we should face it and fight against the devil.






AIDS is a fatal infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Its incubation period is generally several months to eight years. There are another 10000 cases of HIV infection in the world, and the number of new infections is as many as 10 thousand every year, and there are 10000 deaths.

But so far, human beings have not found a way to cure this disease. The clinical manifestations of AIDS are dizziness, disturbance of consciousness, stupidity, muscle spasm and other serious consequences. Gastrointestinal water sample is a kind of gastrointestinal water sample.

The cause of fever is not clear in daily life At the same time, we must know the cause of HIV infection and the possibility of using the domestic blood donors for HIV prevention and treatment AIDS and HIV infected women, should avoid pregnancy, strengthen national territory medical examination, to prevent the inflow of AIDS.



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