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关于”未来的食物“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Food of the future。以下是关于未来的食物的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Food of the future

My future is not a dream, I believe it will come true with my efforts, so I think I will become a good chief in my future. I want to make a lot of delicious food for all people. I like to see them smile happily when they eat my food.

This is my life goal. So from now on, I need to work hard every day and make continuous progress.




As a result of natural disasters, more than one billion people have to live on a dollar a day or less. Families in such difficulties do not get the food they need every day. One billion poor people, mainly women and children, are losing their health and lives.

Their hope for a better future is that one million babies die of hunger every year, and poor families spend most of their income on Food (the average American family spends more than one million dollars on food, and more than one million children lose the chance to have a good education and a bright future, but world hunger can be overcome,.




Since I was a child, I was a powerful force to eat. It guided me to become a gourmet. I had a sincere wish.

One afternoon, I gently sat on the sofa and inadvertently turned to the travel channel. A picture fascinated me. I jumped three feet high and jumped on the ground.

The exquisite ones focused on the TV. The Super Big Mac food made me happy People are salivating, so my little heart "bang" beating, rich goose yellow cheese pulled a long barbed wire, like a spider web hanging on the tree, holding a piece of dry sausage, with sweet and sour cucumber, and then squeeze the taste of tomato sauce and mayonnaise, sprinkle with a small green pepper onion, and then sprinkle with a small green pepper, finally with two pieces of delicious beef It's really a big spare ribs that must be placed. There are nutritious and delicious salads all around.

There are delicious French fries and a little sauce. Happiness is written on her face, chewing and breathing. All kinds of tastes are mixed together.

It is perfect and harmonious. Those people who talk about it on TV and I salivate "dcfood" is my driving force, and the pursuit of delicious food is my goal "gourmet" ”This is my dream job. I want to have two gourmets.

One is the host of a food show, and the other is a writer who eats articles published in newspapers. They must have a keen sense of smell and can remember all kinds of things. Of course, I hope that the taste buds of my tongue not only stay in the living room, but also often go to the kitchen.

Imagine: the slanting light is shining on the desk, and I'm working at the moment Work hard deadline my brain is working at a high speed, constantly conceive of the delicious and attractive words "call" my hands that stop working, carefully wipe the sweat on my forehead, the children who hold up the coffee cup take a sip. It's really good that there are two rows of bookshelves in the studio, filled with my works and the trophies to go abroad, and this is the ice cream that introduces Russia Ling, it has been waiting for a long time to pack and prepare everything I have done just to let more people understand the food culture. In other countries, they can also satisfy their own appetite and eat something to comfort my heart.



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