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关于”找的软件“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Looking for software。以下是关于找的软件的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Looking for software

Holiday homework more "cultural relics" to help upload pictures, with the mobile phone in front of the topic, you can immediately see the corresponding answer. Recently, a variety of main title search function learning software has become popular, won the favor of many students, the problem-solving ideas are correct, how to start the problem, the same question whether there are other software to solve the problem, meet part of the problem Students' rigid needs: in the past, you must ask the teacher to find the "classics". Now you can easily find the existing knowledge by uploading photos, which can't satisfy your appetite.

You can find more advanced methods in practice. The practice of scientific and technological tools is often a double-edged sword, which is convenient for "knowledge". It also increases the factor of "lazy demand".

Some students' self-control ability is not strong Easy to search the question software is more simple, to deal with the alienation of the "accomplice", even know the solution to the problem, in order to facilitate the illustration, the method is simple, prefer to take photos to solve the problem, rather than over time, the usual operation may be able to complete a more beautiful, but the learning ability may decline linearly, saving time, but did not give further thinking and Rational analysis to improve.




Advertising design member job introduces himself: I am a student majoring in art and advertising design in XX University. I especially like other kinds of design. I can find every moment in my life from everyday design.

I also hope to take this opportunity to find a cheerful passion on the stage of life that can show my strength, have good interpersonal skills and adapt to the new environment better and faster I am good at observing, paying attention to details, forgiving others but not forgiving myself is my life motto, always ready to bear hardships, work is the innovation of my work attitude, not afraid of failure, never yield to friends is to evaluate the skills I am learning, like only hone, the greater the pressure. In addition, I have a strong interest in computer and English learning, through hard work, systematically learn VI corporate image Planning, advertising copywriting, graphic creativity, poster design, packaging design, books, photography and other design expertise, familiar with graphic design software Photoshop, CorelDRAW, InDesign drawing software, CAD TV post software premiere learning, I pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, have strong practical operation ability, can independently engage in advertising planning and graphic advertising design work Professional ability: skillfully use word, Excel and office software operation, have dedication and sense of responsibility, I can face any difficulties and challenges, I actively participate in school activities and social practice, do not miss any opportunity to exercise me into society, in order to adapt to the society, I hope to become a kind of appearance that others need, as for what to do, is in practice, in the With continuous study and continuous exercise, we heard that you are actively seeking development. PAP only I sincerely hope to join your company, contribute to the development of your company and enhance my intelligence.




Now, many people have computers. With computers, they can enjoy all kinds of programs, such as CD movies or music, because some software programs have begun to enter a large market, and some people try to make pirated software for profit. Pirated software has affected the market.

There are several reasons for the prevalence of pirated software: first, there is a huge profit behind it; second, there is no very strict law on the management of pirated software for the profit generated by each pirated CD; the last reason is that education and publicity are backward. People do not know the harm of pirated software to the market, and they like to buy pirated software. In my opinion, our government should take strong action from the beginning to make a law, and those who produce and sell pirated software must be severely punished in order to be controlled.




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