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关于”我崇拜我的母亲“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:I adore my mother。以下是关于我崇拜我的母亲的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:I adore my mother

① My mother my mother is only in her fifties, a little older than the age of our republic, so she has experienced the same two periods as our country, both traditional kindness and modern ideas. Like all mothers, she has a sense of responsibility and devotes most of her efforts to our family, so sometimes I feel sorry for her giving up her work, but she thinks that it is a proper social role to be a housewife. She is satisfied with the achievements of her family members.

She insists on putting her children under her wings. You can see how traditional she is, but she is very smart and suffers too much In recent years, she is very easy to accept new things, and she is interested in stocks. ② therefore, she is concerned about the political and economic situation of the country and the world.

③ she actively collects information about the companies that buy stocks. She is a fan of the Argentine football team. Therefore, she is very sad after losing to Argentina in the world cup I love my mother, because she loves me, because we have common hobbies, such as playing chess, we have the opportunity to communicate with each other, which makes us become close friends.

① smart [intelidn NT] a. ② stock [st & K] n. ③ economy [I: kn & mik] a.

④ Argentina [A: DN tain] a. ⑤ tournament [Tu n m NT] n. ⑥ Communication [K Jaguar: Nike] V, which embodies both traditional virtues and modern ideas.


① ②③④我的母亲我的母亲才五十多岁,比我们共和国的年龄稍大一点,所以她经历了和我们国家一样的两个时期,既有传统的善良,又有现代的观念。她像所有的母亲一样,有责任心,把大部分的努力都奉献给了我们的家庭,所以有时我对她放弃工作感到遗憾,但她认为做一个家庭主妇才是一个合适的社会角色她对家庭成员的成就感到满意她坚持把孩子放在自己的翅膀下你看她是多么传统但是她很聪明,受过高等教育,近年来她很容易接受新事物,她对股票感兴趣②因此,她关心国家和世界的政治和经济状况③,并积极收集所购买股票的公司的信息,她是阿根廷足球队的球迷,因此在第届世界杯足球赛输给阿根廷队后,她非常难过⑤ 我爱我的母亲,因为她爱我,因为我们有共同的爱好,比如下棋,我们有机会互相交流,这使我们成为亲密的朋友①聪明的[intelidN nt]a.②股票[st&k]n.③经济[i:kn&mik]a.④阿根廷[a:dN ntain]a.⑤锦标赛[tu n m nt]n.⑥沟通[k美洲虎:耐克]v、 既体现了传统美德又体现了现代理念。


The person I admire most is my mother. She cooks for me every day. She also cleans the room, washes the dishes and clothes.

All these are hard work. So I adore my mother most and care about me. Good memos are my greatest.




There are so many people around me. Among them, I like my father best. My father is a hero in my heart.

When I have questions, he can answer me and tell me something about them. My father also took me to many places, such as Shanghai and Beijing. When I was with my father, I was very happy.

He was my favorite father to watch movies. When I was a child, I saw a lot of them Action movies, I like Jackie Chan's movies. I adore Jackie Chan.

He is my hero in my heart. My friends also like Jackie Chan. Sometimes when we watch his movies, we will talk and share our views.

Jackie Chan is so powerful that he never gives up. I learned a lot from him. My English teacher is Miss Hou.

All the students like her very much. I am one of them 1、 Miss Hou is a person I admire. When I have questions about English, she is very patient and friendly to me.

She is very willing to explain this question. Even if I have any questions, she keeps answering them until I understand that Miss Hou is a great teacher.



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