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关于”有关爱的重要性题目“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:On the importance of love。以下是关于有关爱的重要性题目的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:On the importance of love

The story goes like this: two friends were crossing the desert somewhere on the journey. They had a dispute. One friend slapped the other in the face.

The one who was beaten felt hurt but didn't say anything. He wrote on the sand: "Today my best friend slapped me in the face." they continued walking until they found an oasis. When they decided to take a bath, they were hurt The slapper got stuck in the mire and began to drown, but his friend saved him after he recovered from drowning.

He wrote on a stone: "Today my best friend saved my life." a friend who slapped his face and saved his best friend asked him, "after I hurt you, you wrote on the sand, now you write on you," why on the stone? "Another A friend replied, "when someone hurts us, we should write it on the sand. The wind of forgiveness can erase it, but when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone, because the wind can never erase it.".




As for the definition of autonomous learning, scholars at home and abroad have many definitions of autonomous learning, but they are basically similar, which can be summarized as: Based on the development of self-consciousness, "can learn, based on students' learning motivation is the internal basis of learning", "based on the basis of students' mastering learning strategies", and "learn" on the basis of learning and self-determination efforts to summarize the achievements of domestic and foreign scholars According to the research results, we found that the basic characteristics of autonomous learners are as follows: purposefully clear goals, learning attitude, learning to learn, understanding value, actively planning and arranging their own learning, can learn selectively, can accurately choose learning content, swim in the ocean of information, have a keen sensitivity, capture and understanding of information, and can effectively send Present, collect, obtain information, process and create can learn originality does not meet the ready-made learning results, or content can be independent thinking, thinking, multi-dimensional from different angles to understand the same thing, and put them together, or creatively used to adapt to the new situation, new problems, and constantly expand their own Learning vision, have self-awareness and control ability to their own learning motivation, interest, strategy and learning results. You can find that you are very sensitive to problems or problems in learning. You can take targeted measures.

You have a good vision and imagination for your future life and study. You have the desire to realize your ideal and sense of responsibility. You can adapt to your own life, understand the rules and follow them They should be a group, have group intention and interpersonal communication ability, respect each other with group members, consciously undertake and change their roles in group activities according to individual needs, and participate in the construction and maintenance of learner community in active learning to build entity learning group or online learning group.




With the rapid development of society, lifelong learning has become very important for everyone. This is because one needs to constantly learn new knowledge to meet the needs of the work. There are several ways of lifelong learning.

One is to participate in an amateur education program. That is to say, one can learn while learning. The second way is to study by yourself.

You can learn what you need by yourself. You can learn from books, TV or radio. I think lifelong learning is very necessary for us.

We can choose either of the above two ways It depends on your personal preferences and interests. I prefer the first one because it's systematic and formal. With the help of teachers, it's easier to learn and get what you need in your work o (∩∩) O (∩∩) O (∩∩) O (∩∩) (^ ^).



我更喜欢第一种,因为这种学习是系统的、正规的,在老师的帮助下,学习起来更容易,也更快地得到你工作所需的东西o(∩∩)o(∩∩)o(∩∩)o(∩∩)o★★★(^ ^)。

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