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关于”天气是如何影响你“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:How does the weather affect you。以下是关于天气是如何影响你的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How does the weather affect you

Under the dim light, I looked at the cup of tea, boiling hot water, impact again and again, let me feel the bitter taste of tea in my mouth, a little sweet, but also occupied by my greedy mouth, and the eyes are hazy, outline the hazy memory, can no longer be like the hazy memory, like "cooking" work, play bit by bit, the teacher's serious "suppression" With the laughter of Miao nationality and heavy pressure, "creation" tore open the heavy book of memory in our dream of growing up. The little thoughts, perhaps tired of some memories back home, came again. I was a fragile one, and was targeted by the "enemy" and fired a shot.

The fragile me, at the cost of "blood", could be a "sleeping in the middle of the night" But I stood up again, those days were dark, confused me, and learning and sometimes I had to find a seat has not withered yellow grass, sometimes a desk, windowsill, to see rows of trees standing in the distance is very bitter, only for the last can give a touch of bright green, what are those trees? I have no way to know this relationship As long as they are trees, when I look at them enough daze, there will be innumerable thoughts in my heart. When my eyes go back to the tree, my mood suddenly light up, the pressure disappears, and I turn to study in the busy.




The happiness and trouble of growth everyone is indispensable on the road of growth. Happiness and worry are always with us when we grow up. Happiness is beautiful and short, worry is worry.

I don't know if happy memories are also bothering it. But happiness is not what you see, memories and play out. Let me remember the summer vacation of school again My classmates and I arranged for me and my parents to say that it was fun to go after school.

However, after my father picked me up, I remembered that my father would take me to the bookstore to buy spring. I didn't know what to do: ask my classmates, ask my dad, they must speak their own words well. When I was solving the problem, my father patted me on the shoulder and said, "how?" I couldn't answer.

He pretended not to hear me, I didn't go to the bookstore or the place to play. In retrospect, I really feel regret and happy. It reminds me of happy things.

When I grow up, I can postpone the new one. I'm glad that the elders have red envelopes. Ah, it's really "true".

Firecrackers, after a year and a second, the sky is covered with dark clouds, shining like colorful flowers. Every family pastes red paper, hangs red couplets and writes Words, firecrackers, very festive time, I am no exception to the outside of the fireworks, deafening fireworks, I crack mouth smile, always happy and trouble in your side, with your every second, with your growth footprint.




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