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关于”文化冲击的看法“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Views on cultural shock。以下是关于文化冲击的看法的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Views on cultural shock

Cultural shock is the difficulty that people face when they adapt to a new culture which is obviously different from themselves. The impact of emigration usually includes different stages. Although not everyone will experience these stages, and not everyone can spend the five stages in the new culture, there are no fixed symptoms of cultural shock, because everyone is affected differently.




What is cultural shock? Cultural shock can be described as a feeling of confusion and disorientation. When a person is faced with a large number of new and unfamiliar people and situations, many things help it - smell, sound, taste, of course, the feeling of breathing air. The unfamiliar language and behavior of local people are also the causes of this phenomenon.

People's response to cultural shock is also different From excited and energetic behavior to withdrawal, depression, and physical illness, a particular individual may have one or another response to cultural shock. The concept of cultural shock needs to bear in mind two useful ideas. First of all, most people go to a new country and experience a certain degree of cultural shock.

Whether they admit it or not, cultural shock is more in one Second, cultural shock, like other types of shock, is usually short-lived. As time goes on, theoretical analysts of cultural shock point out that the experience of cultural shock is not necessarily negative, but with confusion and loss of direction, there may be some unhappiness and unhappiness, confusion and Disorientation is a necessary step in learning a new culture. If everything in a new place is like home, it is impossible to learn there http://internationaloucbcca/cultureshock/printexthtm.




As we all know, there are so many differences between eastern and Western cultures that I can't enumerate their different aspects one by one. I will focus on the differences in eating habits and teaching systems so that you can better understand that I will set an example for China and the United States, which is undoubtedly the Chinese tradition of using chopsticks, but Americans prefer forks and knives. The different result is that Americans like to eat steak, bread and salad, while the Chinese prefer noodles, pancakes and rice The custom of drinking coffee in the United States is particularly prominent.

However, food in both countries tends to merge. For example, coffee and bread are introduced to China. The famous KFC is very popular among children.

The teaching system gap between China and the United States has been very big. They complain that their homework is too much and their exercise and relaxation time are limited. They have to recite a lot of things because they have to recite a lot of things because they have to In my opinion, learning in the United States is more interesting.

Teachers pay more attention to the cultivation of students' thinking ability in real life, rather than emphasizing. In addition, the enrollment rate of schools, teachers' salaries, and the work of members are quite different. It should be said that the sesame government should strive to improve its teaching system.

I also hope that one day, western countries will do their best for me Our country cheers[ http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlink [ http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlink [ http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlinkhttp ://zhidaobaiducom/question/htmlsi=2: https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm : https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm : https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm.


东西方文化差异正如我们所知,东西方文化的差异如此之多,我无法一一列举它们的不同方面。我将重点介绍饮食习惯和教学体系的差异,以便您更好地了解,我将为中国和美国树立榜样,这是毫无疑问的中国人用筷子的传统但是美国人更喜欢叉子和刀子这不同的结果是因为美国人喜欢吃牛排、面包和沙拉,而中国人则选择面条、煎饼和米饭,中国的饮茶习俗和美国的喝咖啡的习俗尤为突出,然而,两国的食物都有融合的趋势,例如咖啡和面包都被介绍到中国,著名的肯德基在儿童中很受欢迎,中美两国的教学体系差距一直很大抱怨他们的家庭作业太多作业限制了锻炼和放松的时间他们不得不背诵很多东西,因为要得到高分家庭作业是第一位的在我看来,在美国的学习更有趣老师注重培养学生在现实生活中的思维能力而不是强调另外,学校的入学率,教师的工资,和教友的工作都有很大的不同,应该说,芝麻政府应该努力改善它的教学系统,我也希望有一天,西方国家为我们的国家欢呼[http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlink[http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlink[http://wenwensogoucom/z/qhtmlinkhttp://zhidaobaiducom/question/htmlsi=2: https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm: https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm: https://wenwensogoucom/login/redirecturl=httpAFFwenwensogoucomFzFqhtm。

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