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关于”计划旅游“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Planning tourism。以下是关于计划旅游的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Planning tourism

Tourism is becoming an increasingly important industry in China. In the past few years, the government has taken effective measures to improve this emerging industry. For example, it has explored many attractive scenic spots.

Tourists from all over the world come to China every year. However, people have different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of tourism. Those who are in favor of tourism believe that China can benefit greatly from it: on the one hand, it is a huge source of foreign exchange; on the other hand, it is an important part of the national planning of a huge source of foreign exchange.

We can say that tourism can help to enhance the understanding and friendship between people of all countries. The main reason why some people oppose tourism is that the public can't benefit from it, because even so, too much pressure from tourists means that commodity prices rise. I think its benefits outweigh the losses, and it also means that the country has more employment opportunities and more income.

Therefore, we should vigorously develop tourism to meet the needs of China's socialist economy. At the same time, we should also demonstrate that tourism is the main source of foreign exchange income planned by the state, promote friendship with foreign countries, oppose the interest of the masses in the tourism industry, publicize the rise of commodity prices, and actively explore that the foreign exchange income is greater than the foreign exchange income of our country.





In the summer, my father and mother went to Yunnan, where things are very strange, the way they speak is not the same, people in Yunnan really listen to their tired, there are many strange things, among them, I was lucky to visit a few monsters, we took a day and night train, finally came to Yunnan full of strange gas, came here, my father and mother first put all the luggage into After booking a hotel room, they came to Yunnan excitedly and ate one of the strange "fried grasshoppers". It was strange to say that "fried grasshopper", which was very interesting to eat, had never heard of "fried grasshopper". It was unheard of to say that "grasshopper" was eating here, but it was new.

We all had happy owners to sell pork dumplings, three cents "Fried grasshopper" I saw the boss come right after listening to the "fried grasshopper". Then she went to the oven. He sat next to the oven and opened the oven.

In one hand, he held a grasshopper in one hand and hung it in the oven. He turned on the grill and roasted it back and forth for a while. Then he fried the "grasshopper" in oil for about a minute or two The birth of a string of just cooked "fried grasshopper" people really salivate, looked at me can't wait to eat a, immediately fragrant, "wow" it's delicious, I was immediately attracted by the delicious food, eat eat very sweet, very happy, eat Liulian rice Yunnan is not only here to eat, strange, there are strange flowers, do not say you don't know, there are flowers It's blooming all the year round, so the best thing to buy flowers here is that my mother and I are happy to pick flowers.

Will you take them to the hotel? Suddenly, the colorful flowers add some Yunnan life to a quiet room. More than a dozen strange people really open my eyes. I also know that learning more about Yunnan here is full of magic I feel very happy in the journey of strength and fun.




Today is a good time to travel. We can have a free advantage of our own travel. Everything is decided by ourselves.

It's your own at any time. It's not for others. We can also save a lot of travel expenses.

Of course, we should pay attention to a lot of things. We must be prepared before traveling. First of all, we want to know whether there are any places to go to and what customs and habits are there, Secondly, we should plan the route, decide to go to the scenic spot, arrange a good residence and budget.

I think we can arrange a successful trip by ourselves, and the travel can be relaxed and pleasant.



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