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关于”教育的优势“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:The advantages of Education。以下是关于教育的优势的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The advantages of Education

Flattery is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we educate children not only to educate them, but also to adapt them to living in some modern countries. It is fashionable to think that free education for all can solve all social problems and build a perfect country.

But we have seen that in these countries, free education is universal The number of educated people is far from enough. People with university degrees refuse to do what they consider "low-level" jobs. In fact, in such a country, manual work is considered dirty and shameful.

But if we think about it, the work of a completely uneducated farmer is far more important than that of a professor. We can live without education, but if We don't have food, and if no one cleans our streets, no one takes the garbage from our houses, we're going to have a terrible disease in our city. In fact, when we say that all of us must have an education that suits our lives, it means that we must be educated: first, each of us can do whatever is right for us Second, we can realize that all work is necessary for the society.

It is very bad to be ashamed of one's work. Only in this way can education be regarded as valuable to society.




The value of college education lies in the fact that you know that there are many excellent people in the world. You start to approach their power. Reading is not to get a diploma or to make a fortune, but to become a person with high intelligence quotient and understanding attraction.

You will think about the people who study hard and meet those people in the future who will study hard. If you don't study hard, the people you will meet in the future may be same as you do.




Educational background is becoming more and more important in modern society. First of all, a good education enables people to have high-quality taste for the people around them at any time. You will be proud of yourself and never be depressed.

More importantly, it is a good start for your career. The higher your academic career is, the more chances you will be accepted by the company. In the long run, a society of all kinds of people will live in harmony.

Finally, let's talk about our most concerned part, which is: job opportunities. Although the public claims that they are just KSA judges of an applicant, the fact is that everyone is in front of them: under the same conditions of two candidates, enterprises are likely to choose a person with higher education certificate Sometimes we even come to a place that people call "unfair", equipped with higher education, and we believe that no matter in which field, people will have a better life in society.



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