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关于”美丽的自然“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Beautiful nature。以下是关于美丽的自然的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Beautiful nature

My seat is in the city, where the people and the scenery of Jinke sound very beautiful. As soon as green enters our village, there comes a flower, which is absolutely breathtaking. When you turn into something, you will hear the sound of flowers.

Look carefully, it turns out to be a small stream. The stream is green and clear. It flows into a small pond and looks like a huge treasure from a distance It's a beautiful spring in our community.

The young buds grow on the trees. The jasmine flowers are small in the spring rain, and the bamboo shoots are standing upright. They are breathing the fresh air of summer.

The big leaves are given to the rampant Playboys. The old people use fans under the trees. In autumn, the leaves of ginkgo tree like yellow fans fall one after another like bald A yellow butterfly like a vulture is beautiful.

Although it sounds like a beautiful city, how many other places in our home land like this have entered the market like this. There is a stench blowing, dirty, and dirty water, which makes people look very disgusting. Especially in the place where cattle are sold, all kinds of cow dung are everywhere.

The embarrassing environment is extremely coordinated with the disordered market The behavior is even more indignant for human beings. After a traffic accident, the school lost its original value, and people ignored it. Because of the traffic accident, the red light made people lose their lives and health.

But the tragic accident did not remind people of the Jews. There is still a red light in the heart. Beautiful city needs us to build, caress and build together A beautiful home, don't let our home become dirty.




There are many differences between American students and students from other countries, some of which are cultural differences. These differences come from the way people all over the world see themselves and their relationships with others. Typical American students study between and hours a week, which is very different.

In most Asian countries, students can study a few hours a week Students also spend a large part of their time participating in extracurricular activities, such as American football, cheerleading and volleyball. Although students from other countries can also participate in these activities, they rarely engage in this activity as enthusiastically as American students, because American athletes receive larger and richer rewards than most countries, and there are many opportunities to participate in many different activities High school, college, and minor league teams American students are very independent in their educational goals. They study alone and succeed without the help of others.

It is considered a matter of pride that they succeed without the help of others. This usually creates fierce competition among students to achieve better results in homework or class. This is right and wrong among students in other countries Often different, in these countries, creating a collaborative environment, students naturally tend to help each other.




Beauty many people believe that beauty is a complex and complex form, but beauty is not as complex and complex as many people think. In fact, a person's beauty has two parts: physical beauty and natural beauty. If a person labels another person with beauty, it doesn't mean that he or she is the Virgin Mary for ten years, or the star of the world.

It just means that in one person's opinion, she or he is a beautiful goddess and will not appear beautiful. Without the influence of one's emotion or intuition, natural beauty exists in everyone I believe it's more beautiful than a complicated and complicated beautiful mask. My perception is based on what I noticed on the bus on my way to French class.

I was sitting behind the bus. She had freckles and natural features. But when I looked back, I saw her in make-up.

It looked like she had dipped her face in white powder. Although the freckles were gone, she looked like a thick one The ghost of mascara. That woman's natural beauty is beautiful, her true beauty.

That woman's Mask beauty looks disgusting. Not everyone has the same standard for body beauty. Body beauty should be considered as a person's Mask beauty.

However, the beauty acquired by a person after cosmetic surgery is not what people should embrace and are born with, so beauty is not the Savior, or in other words A person who shows a beautiful woman will not be labeled beautiful if she is not influenced by other people's opinions. Anyone with natural beauty can be said to be beautiful.




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