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关于”写一篇有关报纸“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Write an article about the newspaper。以下是关于写一篇有关报纸的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write an article about the newspaper

Newspapers and the Internet the rise of large-scale printing in the 16th century has had a great impact on the world's society and politics. With a newspaper in hand, even if you don't need to get up from your chair, people can understand what's going on all over the world. However, the role of newspapers is playing, which is seriously challenged by the booming IT industry or the world wide web, satellites, optical products, etc In today's world, where almost everything starts with "e", newspapers will be replaced by other computer-based means.

First of all, the speed of newspapers can't match that of the Internet. In an efficient world, any kind of information can be transmitted digitally at the speed of several meters per second, so newspapers can only be defeated. In addition, with the help of the Internet, information can be transmitted in a three-dimensional way, including voice, live performance and even interaction.

In newspapers, only words and photos can be reported as news. Therefore, the former has become more vivid and descriptive. Finally, but not least, the computerized information dissemination process provides a more objective and advanced view through the Internet We can get every detail that we may want to know, which is sometimes not disclosed by newspapers.

Obviously, the more accurate the facts are, the easier it is to form objective opinions. Although newspapers are still regarded as an indispensable part of our daily life, they are not comparable to the Internet in many aspects.




One of the main problems in the process of urbanization competition or cooperative education as a lifelong process the impact of the Internet on the most important personal quality of college students an English newspaper is discussing whether today's young people in China are more selfish and different than those of previous generations. The newspaper invited college students to contribute. You are asked to write a short article for the newspaper to express your opinion.

You should provide a title for your article. If college students participate in business interviews, employers often use it as a way to recruit future employees. Therefore, there are many arguments for or against the interview as a selection process.

What's your point of view? Write an article about words to state your point of view. You should provide an appropriate title for your article. Does economic disparity affect friendship? What I've learned over the years is dialect acceptable in public places in universities? The important role of a city's local customs in urban design should be to charge higher fees in the peak tourist season.






I'd like to introduce a kind of newspaper, which is called the middle school edition of "century news". It has one article every week, including domestic news, sports and entertainment, troubleshooting, various interesting events and other columns. It is designed with simple language and illustrations to help us expand our vocabulary and improve our English level.

I would like to introduce a kind of newspaper, which is called "century news", middle school edition, weekly issue, with one Some columns, such as domestic news, sports entertainment, troubleshooting and all kinds of interesting things, with simple language and illustration design, it can help us expand our vocabulary, improve our English level, practical English technology, various life anecdotes, listening and speaking studio, sports scene, joke area, education quote my story English weekly. Now I want to introduce a newspaper, this is English week The journal was punished for the first time. Shanxi Normal University is a newspaper for high school students, middle school students and more than one kind of people.

Teachers and reading enthusiasts is a newspaper recognized by more and more people. It is the most publishing newspaper. The number of English weekly publications is close to it.

There are domestic news, sports, entertainment and other columns. Simple language and illustration design can help us Enlarge vocabulary and improve English level.



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