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关于”享受生活“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Enjoy life。以下是关于享受生活的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Enjoy life

Enjoy the low point of life, enjoy the journey of life, everyone has the right to enjoy their own freedom, more importantly, he is an ordinary old gentleman, he wants to enjoy all life gives, afraid of life, you seem to be afraid that life will slip away from you and do not give you time to enjoy it. No one deserves freedom and life, unless he can overcome it every day, otherwise he will not It's worth freedom and life.




In today's China, slowing down the pace of your life, many parents tend to schedule their children in private English and math classes, as well as artistic activities, such as violin or piano lessons, which are good for children. Of course, not many children often feel too much pressure, and even claim that with the development of science, they are a generation of overworked and insomnia. With globalization, our pace of life is getting faster and faster.

We have no time to read and travel. I think we should take some measures. Primary and secondary schools should not assign homework, and youth sports teams should cancel practice clubs and guides Teachers should not arrange meetings and courses.

Parents should go home from work and have time to have dinner with their children and pay attention to family affairs. Another reason for us to speed up the pace of life is pressure. No matter it comes from other people's society, the harder I work, the more I can achieve.

This concept is deeply rooted in our hearts. Therefore, many people are keen on making money and competing with others, which can help them survive in this society. Although they are reluctant, they speed up the pace of life, In order to keep pace with others and enjoy life itself, you will find that the most beautiful scenery around you will never be missed.




I don't agree that young people enjoy life more than older people. Both groups have specific exceptions and entertainment in their age groups. Generally speaking, every peer enjoys life, and with the development of social life and the improvement of quality of life, every stage of life has its own special significance.

Young people and old people also benefit from their life. It seems that today's social activities provide more leisure and entertainment facilities for young people, such as going to clubs or cinemas They have to work hard for their caregivers, they have to earn more money for their families and children, and the elderly have more time to go sightseeing and visit ancient tourist destinations because they have enough pension, most of them have family members, children and grandchildren, they like to be with them, they have more leisure time to read their favorite books and places Magazines, watching movies they want, they spend a lot of time in parks and gardens. Through this comparison, I choose the elderly who enjoy more in life.



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