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关于”未来家庭“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Future family。以下是关于未来家庭的九年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Future family

In the near future, people's life will change greatly, and people's necessities of life will also change greatly. Even if there are robots to help us, there will also be driverless cars to help us reach our destination safely and quickly. This does not need our control.

In the future, there will be a spaceship that can carry us to other planets, although it is far away from us 。 In addition, there is a supercomputer that can help us calculate all kinds of calculations, and I look forward to it in the future.




How can I dig a seed from a soft bag into a house? It's strange for me to put a seed in a bag of water My mother stopped me and said, "this is a high-tech product, there is no water." I hoped it would come out at once. After a few minutes, I saw the seeds growing on the stage. I happily jumped the seedlings to a long, long, ten meter high.

I asked my mother curiously, "Mom, this is the house you said." my mother said, "of course, we saw:" what does family mean to me We are all flowers. Our family is our garden. This is a place where we can be protected as gardeners.

Our parents will sacrifice a lot for us no matter what happens. Our family will stand in front of us instead of blaming us. They give us a lot of help.

They love us. No matter what we do, when you can't do it, your mood will be very low Then family will bring us a lot of happiness. Our family also teaches us a lot.

It tells us how to be an outstanding person, how to do something useful for our motherland, how to live a happy life in a certain extent. Our family is our first teacher in the world, we always need them, and we should do it for us in the future Family do something, we should be their pride.




I'm going to live in the house. I don't know where my mother got a seed. It's a very strange seed.

The shell is yellow and soft. It's like a rubber ball. The mysterious mother said to me, "you plant it in the soil, and you can plant the house." I'm sure, how could such a thing happen? No matter what, look at the various holes dug in the yard, a seed is carefully planted in the yard I stopped my mother and said, "this is a high-tech product, no water." I made a wish that it would come out at once.

After a few minutes, I saw the seeds growing on the stage. I happily jumped the seedlings to a long, long, 10 meter high. I asked my mother curiously, "Mom, this is the house you said." her mother said, "of course, we can see it To it, "Mom and I go to chase the tree, there is a ladder, we stand on it, mother gently press the button, we climb higher and higher into the platform, look back," my God, the ladder is missing, how can we go? "Her mother said:" the way to prevent bad people from coming up.

"Her mother pressed the button beside you." ah, there are stairs. "The door leaves we came to the door are used to make, special Don't be beautiful. The mother holds the door with her hand.

The automatic door opens slowly. She walks into the room. Suddenly, a fragrance comes to her face.

There are some green belt ingredients in the house. Beside the buttons, my mother says, "what can I eat here? The opportunity to send out." the ground is composed of five colors of flowers. The beautiful windowless glass is the front of me and the outside world My mother gave me a cup of tea.

The tea set was glued together by petals. I tasted it. I walked into the bedroom.

The room was made of warm leaves. The bed was made of leaves. It was very comfortable.

My favorite lamp was a lotus flower petal. The beautiful house was on a platform "You can lie on the study." I have reluctantly walked out of my "house". How did the house disappear? It was just a dream.

However, although it was only a dream, as long as I was, I would be able to create such a family to live in at that time Zili, even better.



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