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"University", a beautiful word, makes me have a lot of imagination. Just like the name "ivory tower" given to me, it is a good place to live and study in the ivory tower. Romantic love is like the happy smile of cherry blossoms on campus.

Many girls have a sweet dream, that is, one day, there is a boy standing under the window shouting "I love" You and you are holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, but the most important thing is that I can systematically receive higher education, listen to the experience of senior professors and listen to many lectures, which makes me happy. I can freely stay in the library all day and read every book I want to read. This makes me find that my knowledge is quite rich, and at the same time, it also makes me constantly climb in the field of science from all over the country People get together.

It's a melting pot involving dialects and cultures. Interestingly, I can find a part-time job to experience life. In short, it's a good way to get in touch with the society.

There are a lot of things waiting for me to learn. That's why I came here to be a college student.


“大学”,一个美丽的词,让我有了很多想象,就像人们给我起的“象牙塔”这个名字一样,它是一个在象牙塔里生活和学习的好地方,浪漫的爱情就像校园里樱花绽放的幸福笑容 许多女孩都有一个甜蜜的梦,那就是有一天,有一个男孩站在窗下大声地喊着“我爱你”“你”,他手里拿着一束鲜花,但最重要的是,我可以系统地接受高等教育,听取资深教授的经验,听许多讲座,让我愉快,我可以自由地在图书馆呆一整天,读我想读的每一本书,这让我发现知识相当丰富,同时也让我在科学领域不断攀升,来自祖国各地的人们聚集在一起,这是一个涉及方言和文化的大熔炉,有趣的是,我可以找一份兼职工作来体验生活,总之,这是一个很好的接触社会的方式,有很多事情等着我去学习,这就是我来这里做大学生的原因。


Iron and steel will has will, there are methods. Will is a psychological process in which people voluntarily control their own behavior and overcome difficulties for some purpose. I don't know whether I am strong or weak, but if the full score is my self-consciousness, it is determined by firmness, I believe in self-control, where there is a will, there is a way, so I try to make a strong will motto.




(my school, my home) there is a beautiful school in Qingpu senior high school in the western suburbs of Shanghai. It covers an area of more than mu. It is a boarding high school in Shanghai.

It is my school. From the perspective of her system, it is not difficult for us to know that every student studying at school should really live in school. I live in school all day.

Our school is a modern high school There is a computer-controlled projector in a classroom, which is the paperless teaching of the teacher. The environment of the school is also the best. There is a river near the school.

The river is clear. There are a few fish and shrimp in the river. The school sports facilities are very complete, not only the checkered track, basketball court, football field, but also the tennis court, badminton court and a ping pong table Ping Pong hall and gymnasium and everything else is there.

This is my school, my family. I love my school. I love my family.




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