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关于”介绍热“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Introduction fever。以下是关于介绍热的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction fever

Movie fans in the UK are looking forward to seeing the film before the Christmas holidays. This year, as fantasy films continue to dominate the Christmas market, the latest "the adventures of Harry Potter" and "the bowl of the fire" are released Fans in the UK are looking forward to the release of these films before the Christmas holiday. This year, they will be spoiled.

The film has become the most successful film in British film history, making more than one million yuan in the first three days of its release. Fans flocked to cinemas across the country to watch Harry's progress, but he might be surprised if Harry thought he would make his own performance this year, as a new blockbuster based on CS Lewis's classic Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe against Harry Potter The dominance of feature films poses a threat. The film tells the adventures of three children who discover the door to the magic world of Narnia.

Once they enter Narnia, they are involved in a war between good and evil. Producers of Narnia's films hope to emulate the success of Harry Potter. The Lord of the rings series will top the Christmas box office between and.

Since Narnia's novels have sold more than a million copies around the world, these films seem to be on the verge of great success. However, there is also a fictional heavyweight that may challenge Harry Potter's control over Christmas audiences. King Kong roar returns to the December screen, directed by Lord of the rings director Peter Jackson.

This film is a big budget remake of the classic great ape. It is reproduced through digital technology, more realistic and terrifying than ever before, so whether you are a monster monkey It seems that this Christmas is a good time to go to the movies.


英国的电影迷们正翘首以待,期待着电影能在圣诞假期前上映。今年,随着幻想电影继续占据圣诞市场的主导地位,最新的《哈利波特历险记》、《哈利波特与火焰杯》(the Battle of the Blocks)在英国的影迷们正翘首以待,期待着这些电影能在圣诞假期前上映,今年看来它们将被宠坏了,这部电影已经成为英国电影史上最成功的电影,在上映的头三天就赚了超过百万元人民币。影迷们蜂拥到全国各地的电影院观看哈利的进步,但是如果哈利认为今年他会有自己的表现的话,他可能会感到意外,因为一部新的轰动一时的传奇故事即将在英国的电影院上映,该片是根据CS·刘易斯的经典小说《纳尼亚历代记:狮子》,《女巫与衣柜》对哈利波特系列电影的统治地位构成了威胁。



From to, the Shanghai stock market index soared, and the stock prices of many companies rose several times. Some even said that it attracted thousands of Chinese people to the stock market, and some of my relatives and friends followed suit. Why do so many people rush into the stock market? One reason is that there are so many kinds of benefits.

Power: if you buy a share at a price and sell it in two months, it's a lot of money. Second, people are extremely confident and optimistic about China's economy, and so is the stock market, which is an important demonstration of economic development. Third, people have more knowledge about investment, want to apply their knowledge to make good use of them, and want to make money.

With the stock market's popularity, many people withdraw money from banks, invest in stock market, neglect learning, work and even family life, but some industries have a bubble, which has caused quite a few people to go bankrupt. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate a real and imminent rational thinking on investment in the stock market..




In China, English is undoubtedly very important, because with the rapid development of China's economy and China is playing an increasingly important role in the world, English has become an indispensable subject for students after they go to school. Many foreigners have begun to learn Putonghua and even have a large TV program for foreigners to learn. I watched this program, and I can say this to foreigners My foreign teacher told me that there are so many people in their country who want to know China and they are very interested in our culture.

The popularity of Mandarin shows that our country has become stronger, and we should be proud of it.



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