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关于”与生活有关“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:It's about life。以下是关于与生活有关的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:It's about life

Urban life and rural life there are many differences in people's living conditions between urban and rural areas. Rural life seems to give people a sense of closeness to nature and between people. But for me, living in the city is obviously more colorful.

In the city, people can usually find many interesting places, such as visiting museums and parks, while in rural areas, people can go Another major difference is that there are many good schools in the city where the teachers are high and the teaching facilities are advanced, which in turn can cultivate high-level students. However, in rural areas, the teaching conditions are very poor. An equally important contrast is that with the change of shopping facilities in a city, anyone can go shopping until they buy something they are satisfied with West.

For example, if you want to buy a coat, there are many shopping centers in the countryside, you can go there to choose and bargain, because there are so many fewer shopping facilities, people have no choice at all, and urban life has many advantages over rural life.




When you decide whether to finish your homework or go out with your friends, people make choices every day. Every time you make a choice, every choice you make affects your lifestyle. Maybe your friend can invite you to drink a beer or try some tobacco.

You have to decide what to do. So, there are choices. What will you do to follow their steps or keep you Whether you choose to accept or not, you need to carefully understand or preview the consequences of actions you may take.

If you are aware of the terrible consequences of smoking and drinking, you can avoid this inappropriate behavior and live a better and brighter life. However, consider your options before you try, or you may regret it.




People would rather lose their wallets than their mobile phones. According to a global survey, most people are inseparable from their mobile phones. If they can choose, they would rather lose their wallets and regard their mobile phones as their "remote controls".

According to a survey by Synovate, a market research firm, mobile phones are everywhere. As of last year, more people have mobile phones than they don't Three quarters of respondents in these countries said they carry mobile phones with them everywhere. Among Russians and Singaporeans, more than a third said they could not do without mobile phones.

With Taiwanese and Singaporeans as the top residents, a quarter of them would find it more difficult to change their mobile phones than their wallets - about two-thirds of respondents sleep with their mobile phones nearby and cannot be turned off Even if they want to, because they are afraid to miss something, "mobile phones provide us with safe, safe and instant information. They are our number one communication tool, sometimes even more than face-to-face communication. They are the bonds of our lives," Janie Chang, general manager of Taiwan Bay, said in a statement.

The survey found that nearly half of the respondents used text messages to flirt, one fifth of them used text messages for their first date, and almost the same number of respondents used the same method to end a relationship. In addition to the three common ways of calling and texting, these are the first three ways people often use. Worldwide, their mobile phones have alarm clocks and cameras Head and games, such as e-mail and Internet access, percent of respondents said they check their inboxes or surf the Internet through their mobile phones.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, 1% of respondents often log in to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace through their mobile phones. The proportion of respondents in the United Kingdom and the United States is also the largest, "as mobile phones become AllInOne devices, Synovate global media "Many other businesses are facing challenges and the opportunities for mobile manufacturers and networks are enormous," said Steve Garton, head of sports However, Steve Garton, global media director at Synovate, said they didn't know how to use all the features on the phone, Jenny Chang Facebook MySpace.


人们宁愿丢钱包也不愿丢手机()全球调查发现,大多数人都离不开手机,出门也离不开手机,如果可以选择的话,宁愿丢了钱包,把手机当成人生的“遥控器”,市场研究公司Synovate的民意调查显示,手机无处不在,到去年为止,拥有手机的人比没有手机的人多了四分之三,这些国家的受访者表示,他们在任何地方都随身携带手机,在俄罗斯人和新加坡人中,超过三分之一的人说他们离不开手机,以台湾人和新加坡人居首,四分之一的人会发现更换手机比钱包更难——约三分之二的受访者睡觉时手机就在附近,无法关机,即使他们愿意,因为他们害怕错过一些东西“手机给我们提供了安全,安全和即时的信息,他们是我们的头号沟通工具,有时甚至超过了面对面的交流,他们是我们生活的纽带,”思纬公司台湾总经理张珍妮,在一份声明中说,手机也改变了人际关系的性质。调查发现,近一半的受访者使用短信来调情,五分之一的受访者通过短信进行初次约会,几乎同样数量的受访者使用同样的方法结束一段恋情,除了打电话和发短信这三种常见的方式外,这是人们经常使用的前三种方式在全球范围内,他们的手机上都有闹钟、摄像头和游戏,比如电子邮件和互联网接入,%的受访者说,他们通过手机查看收件箱或上网,在美国和英国的受访者中,有1%的受访者经常通过手机登录Facebook和MySpace等社交网站,英国和美国的受访者也以这一比例居首,“随着手机越来越成为allinone设备,Synovate全球媒体主管Steve Garton说:“许多其他企业都面临着挑战,移动制造商和网络的机遇是巨大的。”然而,Synovate的全球媒体主管Steve Garton表示,他们不知道如何使用手机上的所有功能Jenny Chang FacebookMyspace。

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