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关于”美国城市与农村的区别“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:The difference between and rural America。以下是关于美国城市与农村的区别的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The difference between and rural America

Dear Paul, how are you? Today I am Zhang Hua. I will tell you the difference between country life and city life. I think the city life is very busy, the traffic is crowded, now the air pollution is more and more serious, there are many noises in the city, the country life is different from the city life, here is quiet and clean, you can see the trees anywhere, in this world, you can freely work in the countryside, I like the countryside, I have always dreamed of living a peaceful life, I want to do something I like Happy things, rural life can meet my needs.

I believe that if I can live in a country that is welcome to China, I will have a really valuable time to live in the countryside, your Zhang Hua.




There is no fundamental difference between rural and living in cities with better infrastructure. Health, education and transportation have been improved. However, there are various problems in cities: for example, environmental pollution, unfamiliar interpersonal relationship.

Living in rural areas will lead to a more stable living environment. Like clear mountains and rivers, lakes, animals and natural vegetation, rural living conditions are poor and basic living conditions are not complete Good, does not conform to the modern lifestyle, life pressure is great, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places have developed economy and transportation, but information exchange makes people living in the city often have to pay a lot of efforts for a better life. Those young people with competitive advantages who adapt to life in cities and towns hope that the pace of rural life will be fast and free, without too much pressure, However, due to the needs of basic life, you have also lost the convenience brought by modern civilization, such as network, information and transportation.

For me, in fact, there is no big difference between rural and areas. It lies in personal mentality. If you are confident and generous, open-minded and have a good attitude, whether it is rural or , or rural, I live in a city where the farmers just want to Live your own life, your own home.




Many people appreciate the convenience of the city. If they like, people in the city can watch movies, visit exhibitions and watch competitions every day. In addition, if they want to be scholars, scientists or artists, they can find what they need in the city: libraries, colleges, museums.

The last and least I want to say is that they can get to know as many people as possible in this city, but some people are attracted by the beauty of the country in the first place, He felt that he was closer to nature: streams, mountains, fresh air, green grass and so on. All of these made people happy and aroused their love for life. Second, in the countryside, people seemed to have more to sing in the fields, ride horses by the stream, and do some interesting farm work.

Of course, both cities and villages have their own shortcomings. Cities have pollution, noise and traffic congestion As far as the country is concerned, its traffic efficiency is low. Compared with the city, the evening news always makes people feel isolated from the world and the country is relatively backward.

However, there is nothing comparable to the fresh air and mild rhythm of life. Living in the countryside is good for your health. It is a trend for people to move from the city to the countryside.



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