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关于”适合生看“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Suitable for students。以下是关于适合生看的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Suitable for students

The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. From late January to early February, Chinese people are busy preparing for the new year. They clean the house, have a haircut, buy new clothes.

Dumplings or dumplings are the most popular people who are far away from their home. This festival is also a festival. They often go home to celebrate the new year with their families.

The first day of the new year is a good day for people to visit their friends and wish each other new year's day. The movie on February 3 was sunny and windless. I practiced basketball in the morning and then went to see the movie with Sandy.

White night vigil is a very good movie. I like to say "say you, say me" is the most favorite music of all songs. The dancing is very beautiful, and the music is also beautiful.

"Last night in my dream, it rained on Friday. I dreamed that I became a very beautiful bride. I dreamt that I was in a forest in the forest, where there were many animals.

Then, an old bird told us," we have a very beautiful forest, so we should protect it from pollution. "All the animals agreed with him, But the next day, people came to our forest, many animals were frightened, people wanted to build houses and parks in our forest, many ancient trees were cut down, and then suddenly, nothing left, I was so shocked, and then I suddenly burst into tears, I woke up in the middle of the night, it was just a dream. "On February 1, a cloudy book fair came to the National Library Looking at the National Book Fair which is about to close today, I am surprised to find that there are so many kinds of books published in our country.

The books with many pages of color illustrations are well done. I bought a Chinese version of English and American short stories at a discount of% and intend to read it through in this good reading season https://picwenwensosocom/p//jpg.





My name is Beth. I am a year old. I study in Huian No.2 Middle School.

My school is very big and beautiful. I am very happy in school. I usually get up in the morning and then I do morning exercises on the playground.

I have breakfast. You can see a lot of students and teachers in the dining room after dinner. I often read English with me.

Classmates, we have six classes every day. The first class starts from all the lessons I like because of me My favorite subject is English, so I take part in English corner every week. I can speak English with many other students.

I think it is very helpful for me to learn English. English is very good. After class, I always play games with my friends.

We play basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and so on. They all relax me Like my class, my friends and my teachers in a word, I love my school, I find my school life more and more meaningful and colorful, my school life is beautiful, this is not my ideal school, starting from Emmett, ending in pmso, we have more free time, we have an hour of lunch, we can eat fruits, vegetables and healthy food, we can even In order to choose any food you like in the restaurant, the restaurant is very large and clean. We can meet and chat with friends there.

I think we will have a good time there. We have computer learning every day. Because I like playing computer very much, I love English, so we have English class every day.

We don't wear school uniform because we like to wear our own clothes. We have a lot of clubs, we don't do homework and exams twice a week, we go to parks or any other beautiful city for school trips.




A woman runs out of a huge mummy on Halloween in a shopping mall in Hong Kong. A woman's facial expression can be explained in two ways: grimacing: perhaps she pretends to be in pain, and when she is touched by a child on the stove, she is being caught by a man in mummy clothes. When she got up from the ground, he made a face in pain.

She had a grimace on her face and laughed: some people might think that the woman was laughing. Maybe the camera caught her laughing while the professor was lecturing, and one of the students let out a wild laugh: it's a synonym for wild laughter. The movie made us cry.



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