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关于”怎样克服生活中的困难“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:How to overcome the difficulties in life。以下是关于怎样克服生活中的困难的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How to overcome the difficulties in life

How to overcome my learning difficulties when it comes to English learning difficulties, different people have different views, such as hearing difficulties, few words, grammar confusion, even poor writing ability, etc. in addition to the above mentioned, I do not have enough time and energy to study, this is because of my full-time work and a lot of housework, how to solve these problems, I think strong meaning Ambition is the key to success. Therefore, the following measures must be taken: first, I make full use of all available time.

I usually study English until 10 p.m., then I record new words with MP3 so that I can review them on the way home. Moreover, the most important way is that I always take notes in class, and finally review carefully after class. I translate English compositions into Chinese, and then Translated into English, repeated imitation of the way to make some simulation composition, just like the proverb that slow and slow, and finally won the competition, my English learning must have made great progress, progress is limited, so I am still eager to get some useful suggestions from teachers and classmates.




Although they only want to find a place and stay there for a long time, so that they will not have great success in the end, but other people are different, some people do not think that difficulties are trouble, they believe that difficulties are the mother of success, believe in myself, I will win ", they are confident and brave, they choose to face difficulties with a smile, they will try their best to solve their problems if they If you feel bad, they will talk to their friends or family members so that they will be happier and more confident. They don't mind what others say about them. They can always find a good way to relax themselves.

I think if you encounter difficulties in life, you can have a good psychology, be more confident and brave, and try to find a good way to relax If you do this and make a plan to solve the problem, you will find that your difficulties are not as difficult as you think. Since I came from southern China, I have encountered many difficulties since I began to learn English. I can't distinguish nasal and non nasal sounds: they sound exactly the same in my dialect, so, It's hard for me to distinguish night from night from night from the beginning.

When I decided to enlarge my vocabulary, it also increased the difficulty of memory. English words are so elusive that I can only remember it for a while. Joozonecom I spared no effort to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded in distinguishing the subtle differences between nasal and non nasal sounds.

Whenever I began to speak English, I forced myself to speak Mandarin every day. At the beginning, I reminded myself of the difference between night and day. I thought it was unnatural, but as time went on, I became accustomed to speaking in this way.

As for my bad memory, I gave up mechanical memory and tried many other new methods.





Since I went to middle school, I told myself that I was no longer a child, I needed to grow up, so the first thing was not to ask my parents for help at the first time. I should take a moment to think about the difficulties and find solutions. If I ask my parents immediately, I will never be mature, because I always want to rely on.

But if I can't solve the problem, I will turn to my friends for advice. They can give me some advice. I will make my own judgment.

My parents' advice will not be ignored. This is the most useful.



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