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关于”儿童早衰症“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Premature senility in children。以下是关于儿童早衰症的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Premature senility in children

Children are threatened by the war at any time. The war that can not guarantee their life strikes the local economy and cannot guarantee the basic living obstacles (such as food and education). 3 the cruelty of war is easy to cause children's injury, which is not conducive to the deterioration of the growth environment of children around 4 years old.

It is easy for children with autism symptoms over 5 years old such as lack of security Death among young and middle-aged people means that many children will lose their way in the war of parents' love, which means that they will lose themselves in this war, lose their early economic support and many growth guidance, which means that they lose their parents from the beginning, which is more erous than peaceful children, and it is more difficult for them to develop healthily. People over 5 years old die.




Pets have strong resistance to children from childhood. They are afraid that children and cats and dogs are allergic to infection. However, many families are reluctant to have cats and dogs.

However, some recent scientific studies have confirmed that children's contact with pets may not prevent allergies. On the contrary, regular contact helps to prevent children from long-term allergies and cats. Dog bubble disease is not easy for children in Sweden and the United States.

A study of pet allergies has found that cats don't necessarily increase the risk of disease in the elderly. The research team of allergy experts observed the results of Swedish one-year-old children, and conducted skin allergy tests for them once a year, and concluded that this conclusion was drawn. EVA said: "the main cause of allergy is heredity.

If the patient has allergies, it is often because of family history of allergy". Therefore, if the genetic cause of pet allergy is still at home, it is better not to keep a pet at home It is more difficult for children to have allergies for long-term keeping cats and dogs than for children who are just beginning to keep pets. Warwick University once kept a cat at home.

In a report on human health, many families dare not keep pets. In fact, pets will be afraid of asthma, and contact with cats more often, not only will not lead to asthma, but also through observing their children from From birth to the age of one, the more pets and children have been mixed into a group of children since childhood, the lower the risk of pollen allergic asthma, said Dr. Michael Nicholas of Warwick University.

At least four studies have shown that there is no direct relationship between pet ownership and asthma.




In modern life, with the electrification, mechanization and automation have entered people's work environment and family, compared with the previous generation, we consume about 1 / 3 of our physical strength. In addition, leisure time and entertainment activities have been provided by video game machines, computers, TV, VCD, internet life, etc. with the improvement of the degree of modernization, more is lack of exercise and lack of body The phenomenon of physical exercise will more seriously change people's lifestyle and work style, and cause serious harm to people's health.

First of all, lack of exercise will reduce the body's metabolism. This kind of people suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Compared with those who adhere to reasonable exercise, those who adhere to reasonable exercise have a 5-8 times higher risk of premature heart failure The incidence of kidney disease, gallstone, osteoporosis, cancer, mental depression and other diseases increased significantly.

Medical research shows that meditation posture is accompanied by years of life and work, and their mortality rate is significantly higher than those who keep exercising. The body is always relatively stationary, which is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. As a sensible modern person, if he is aware of his lack of proper sports activities, he should add a task to himself every day, less than a few minutes If a person wants to be healthy, energetic, live and work in peace and contentment, to delay aging and prolong life, to go further with people who love each other, and you want to enjoy life fully, then they will add exercise to their daily life.

Life is the eternal truth, we must remember yo.



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