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关于”教育的价值“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The value of Education。以下是关于教育的价值的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The value of Education

Here, I want to express my homesickness in college. You know, I am the only child in my family, which means that my independent ability is limited. Maybe you think I am old enough to face the challenge of living without parental care, but it is true that there are so many considerations that others can't touch, unless they are in the same situation as me.

I miss my parents so much that I can't control to miss them every minute of a lonely night. This is not only a psychological challenge, but also my limited life challenge and independent ability that I mentioned. I encountered a problem.

I didn't know how to wash clothes without a washing machine. My mother joked that I had brought a laptop washing machine. How could I find that laptop computer? What should I do? I got a disease that didn't adapt to the urban environment.

It was often too much in winter Cold, summer is too hot, I stay not only in my college life, I have to face these challenges, although it seems not so easy, but I will strive for my future. Yes, it is time to face and meet the challenges in my life. I miss my parents and my disadvantages.

However, I want to use its energy to improve and grow my college life.




The benefits of higher education the benefits of higher education are many. It not only enables many people to enjoy university life and access to new subjects, but also helps people find better jobs, earn higher wages and make friends with many people in the process. This is the last benefit of university educators.

All the contacts that students make with people in their field during their college years are very helpful, because friends in the field almost always help graduates find good jobs and new opportunities. Higher education means that graduates will get higher salaries after graduation. Sometimes higher education can encourage students to stay in academia and study in their field.

Higher education helps to graduate Students find better and more interesting jobs because employers are more inclined to employ job seekers with higher education. Many people enjoy the freedom brought about by university life. Students of higher education are not only away from home, but also can freely pursue their dreams, interests and shape their life style.

They hope that in higher education, people will be exposed to many different disciplines and research Research fields, and these disciplines and fields are not available in secondary schools. This kind of contact helps students understand what they really want to do for a living.





Career planning self assessment I quit my job. I understand that self-assessment is very important to my career and life choices. I need to know what I want.

Everyone has a job suitable for him / her, which is mainly related to his / her personality and characteristics. In other words, his / her favorite job may bring certain significance. I want to analyze myself from the following aspects Changes in the university are mainly about my own views, because after two years of college study, there must be something I remember and gain.

I think my two years of college life have changed my personality. As I said before, when I was in primary school, I was too shy to speak to others, and even had no courage to answer the teacher's questions. Many people, including my parents, said that I had psychological problems in college.

I found that the students around me were very talkative and willing to make friends, so I tried to join them I spent my time among friends, whether I knew or never met. I started my first speech and my first student cadre experience, which changed my time for two years. Therefore, I can confidently say that I dare to speak to any teacher or give an impromptu speech in front of students.

This is my change.



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