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I went to the market with my mother this morning. My mother said that I had grown up and I had to learn to cook. Buying food in the market is the first step, because good food sources are very important.

Many mothers choose our food and tell me how to choose good food. I have to learn how to bargain with the seller. In fact, it is not easy because the seller wants to sell at a high price, but the buyer wants to buy at a low price.

We buy vegetables, meet and fish. I have learned a lot I want to learn more next time. I think I want to go to the market with my mother again.




"Shanzhai" has become a name for counterfeit products after its popularity in the market. Now it has been given a broader meaning: counterfeit, unprofessional or self-made. Some people think that "Shanzhai" has become a kind of culture, which represents non mainstream ideas and innovation.

However, in my opinion, it is not a healthy culture, but piracy "copycat" comes from plagiarism and often infringes on intellectual property rights. For example, copying electronic products, including mobile phones, MP3 players and even laptops, is the most common "Shanzhai" product. Although it may infringe intellectual property rights, it is still loved by many people because it is a good way to save money Methods: the interests of consumers should not be at the expense of legitimate intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property laws are formulated to protect the interests of patentees, copyrights and trademark owners within a limited period of time. These laws are not only designed to reward innovators, but also to encourage further creativity. If the responsibility of illegal "Shanzhai" is not investigated, society is such a reward for plagiarists and punishment for innovators.

The result may be disastrous. Everyone will choose the model The imitative market will be full of the same inferior design and products with short service life and lack of after-sales service. From the above discussion, we can clearly see that "Shanzhai" culture is not a healthy culture.

It infringes intellectual property rights and destroys the market competition order under the guise of grass-roots culture.




I am a senior three student, I used to like English, but now I have encountered some problems in English writing. Although I know English is a very important subject, I think it is a little difficult for me now. My poor writing ability leads to my low score in the English exam, which makes me dislike English and I dare not take the exam again.

I really want to change my situation and enjoy learning English again. I want to know why so many students like English and get good grades in English. I really want to be one of the best students.

It's my dream to go to a famous university after graduation. But my English is not good enough. What should I do? worry? The secret of writing beautiful articles? Honey, worry? I have received your letter, and I'm glad to give you some suggestions.

First of all, don't be disappointed. Many students find that I don't think they are good at writing. If you want to improve your writing level, you should do the following things: do some research with fixed phrases and sentence structures, list them, and then try to make sentences with them.

Read English as much as possible. There are many things that can't be learned immediately Yes, you have to see them in books many times before you can use them correctly yourself. Therefore, in order to write well, you must learn to read a lot of things.

You'd better recite some good paragraphs. The more you read, the better you will write. As long as you study hard and remember, practice makes perfect.




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