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关于”鸟类迁徙的五“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Five of bird migration。以下是关于鸟类迁徙的五的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Five of bird migration

Now we are going to talk about the harmony between human beings and birds in nature. Birds bring infinite joy to human beings. At a sad time, I heard the birds singing this song in the branches with thousands of clear voices.

They were so sad that they suddenly forgot behind us. They were intoxicated by the beautiful songs. Some people heard the beautiful birds' voices, and no one could help singing again.

This is not the case Happy feeling, only really appreciate can understand, then perhaps you will feel that you are the most enjoy people in the world, birds are very smart, very friendly, can catch fresh pests, can catch voles, can also bring happiness, just this, we will get along with birds  yes, because animals live in harmony, everyone should have the moral quality in the eyes of others, while animals and Harmony is good, but I think the harmonious coexistence of people and birds has good advantages. The advantage of protecting birds is the ecological environment. In winter, it is not good.

Some birds will bring pathogens to human beings. In winter, the birds will migrate to the warm south of the north to spend the winter. For example, in Northwest Liberia, when winter comes, the seagulls will "spring all the year round" in Kunming During the winter, many people like to see a lake.

There are only lovely white balance gulls. But what is the reason? People should know that seagulls are lovely, but they have bacteria on their bodies. Coupled with the natural cold, it is easy for people to stand in the cold lake.

Human friends birds do not want to bring pathogens to human beings. They also want to live in harmony with human beings. Generally speaking, birds are human friends The harmony between man and bird is the guarantee of ecological balance.




Yancheng rare birds nature reserve is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. It is mainly committed to protecting the wetland ecosystem and the rare bird reserve represented by Red Crowned Crane. It is a famous bird watching resort.

It is close to the Yellow Sea and covers an area of hectare. The nature reserve has mild climate, abundant rainfall, flat terrain and diverse biological species. The coastal beach area is up to km, which is plants and birds The nature reserve is an important passage and stopover place for Northeast Asian migratory birds to Australia, as well as an important wintering area for world waterbirds in spring and autumn Nearly one million waterfront birds have migrated through Yancheng.

The ever-growing Yancheng rare bird nature reserve has become a popular science base, bird paradise and natural museum, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Friends at home and abroad are welcome to dance with cranes, explore the marine world, get close to nature and enjoy a good time.




The freedom of migration and reform is one of the basic rights of modern citizens. The constitution of our country should strengthen and protect the freedom of migration. The substantive interpretation of freedom of migration should be consistent with international conventions.

Migration is not only a human right, but also an economic and political right. Restrictions on freedom of movement should not go against the ultimate goal of promoting human rights.



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