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关于”疫情的防范建议“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Suggestions on prevention of epidemic situation。以下是关于疫情的防范建议的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Suggestions on prevention of epidemic situation

My friend Xiaomei, every time I have a party, Xiaomei is always the first person I invite. She is very interesting. I know that she will make my other guests laugh.

If someone makes fun of her, she won't be angry. Xiaomei can also be very serious and can discuss almost anything you can think of. If it is too late before the end of the party, I can always rely on Xiaomei to clean the room, She never refuses, even if she is tired, and would rather go straight home to sleep: there is nothing complicated with a healthy diet.

For the sake of health, eat all kinds of food, don't eat the same food every day. Every day, you should choose from the "four basic" foods, which are essential for proper nutrition: milk group, meat group, vegetable and fruit group, doughnut group, and then your body You will get all the nutrients it needs, they are water, minerals, carbohydrates, fat and oil, protein and vitamins. A person's diet is determined by his attitude, like it or not.

If you eat each of the four basic foods every day, you will have a balanced diet: ().




I think I am very healthy. The methods I adopt include the following: 1. Peace of mind: do not worry about losing wealth and prestige; family, friends and personal conscience are more important; 2.

Life is simple: do not wear fancy clothes and casual meals, but communicate with others at will, regardless of anxiety. Thirdly, I have to use a lot of energy by car In trying to fight against this ostentatious expense fourth, swimming exercise: about twice a week to swim, enhance cardiopulmonary function, maintain strong working motivation. Fifth, reflect every day, three provinces a day: unfaithful attitude to friends, do not believe in your own body is not dense, through the above several methods, you can keep healthy and healthy.

Please try it, if you are interested.




According to a statement issued after a meeting held by the local education administration department, my school vowed to strengthen the prevention and control of influenza A (H1N) virus, because they were worried that the situation would worsen throughout the winter. The school is the key place to fight the virus, so classes should be suspended "appropriately" to avoid large-scale infection when the epidemic breaks out. We are well aware that with the deterioration of the global epidemic situation, the number of domestic cases is also on the rise, and the prevention and control work is facing new obstacles.

Our school has issued preventive measures to the primary and secondary schools where we work. Once an epidemic occurs, we should immediately report to the relevant departments and take strict and strict prevention and control measures. In addition, the authorities have urged local medical institutions to reserve vaccines and other drugs to ensure the supply of vaccines To ensure the safety of human use, to enhance the public's awareness of influenza, and to take timely preventive and control measures to maintain the normal operation of schools.



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