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关于”介绍“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Introduction to Yang Mi。以下是关于介绍的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Yang Mi

Yang Mi, my idol, a Chinese actress born in Beijing on September 9, graduated from Beijing Academy of film performance. She was selected and announced in the "new generation entertainment superstar" selection activity jointly organized by 100 media in China. In recent years, it was Yang Mi, celebrities Huang Shengyi, magnanimous Wang Dan and L, Yang Mi, who were elected "four big girls" with high votes Yang Mi is not only one of the four people in "Star", but also the one with the highest number of votes.

Yang Mi, the oldest actor, is not nervous. She is not nervous. She is impatient and not proud.

She has taken every film and has a sense of composition. Suwon always chooses to be very successful. This is her luck, but her talent and efforts are more than 20 The "who" of the four actresses is her affirmation in the past and will also be her future strength.

Yang zhidu, forever, gives people a fresh and natural feeling with a playful and lovely style, and is highly praised by people. She starred in several TV plays, including "giant", "door", "laughter and live", etc., which are collected and sorted out, which makes people remember quite well Impressive fashion, with a trace of natural beauty, and let Yang Mi and L more popular as the scene of Zhang Jizhong know, so many netizens often use their two unrealistic comparison, will create the so-called network inventory, and Yang Mi seems to see that these are not very heavy, said l is a beautiful woman and a good actor, it is very rare, he never thought to compare with her, only She wants to make progress every step of the way, so contented Yang Mi is so simple and persistent that she can stick to her style when she is young. Although there is no drama, the ordinary beauty of her body has always been appreciated.




Today, I saw a very famous movie. From the details, this movie tells a love story many years ago. When Wen Hui and Yang Zheng were both college students, there was a beautiful love story.

The hostess was Wen Hui. She told Yang bravely that she loved him and asked him that Yang Mi wanted to be her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Yang refused her because he only wanted to Their own future, they met at a classmate party for many years, and then they absorbed each other again, and finally fell in love from this movie.

I understand what love is. I hope every lover can stick to their great love forever.




Yang Mi (known in Chinese as Yang mibourne in Beijing, China in September) is the only child in the family. Her parents are surnamed Yang. Her name is Mi, which means "power" in Chinese mathematics.

Her audience is usually attracted by her big, watery eyes and pale alabaster skin. When she was young, she began her film career. Chen Jialin, the only year old history drama director, discovered Yang Mi's acting talent and asked her to play the little princess in the TV series "Tang Ming Huang".

In the same year, she appeared as Zhou Xingchi's daughter in the comedy star Zhou Xingchi's film "Wu Zhuangyuan". In the following years, she accepted some roles. She played the role in the 10th five year plan When I was a few years old, I had a pure childhood and developed a hobby of painting and writing poetry.

When she was in high school, she returned to the film industry because she played the role of "Guo Xiang". In the "little witch of the Orient", the TV series "return of the heroes of the divine carving" (also known as Shen Diao Xia Lu) adapted from the famous Chinese martial arts novel, left a deep impression on the audience and established her own career on TV. Although not too much sensational, but Yang Mi likes a natural way of life, concise and comprehensive, does not hide her feelings, which left her some scandals.

The next year, she entered the performance Academy of Beijing Film Academy, and cooperated with Director Chen Jialin to play Wang Zhaojun, known as one of the "Four Beauties" in ancient China's political struggle. In this TV drama of the same name, her turning point in performing arts was to play a naughty and spoiled lady in another large film dream of Red Mansions adapted from the TV drama dream of Red Mansions A dream of Red Mansions, a famous TV drama, has won her a good reputation. This novel symbolizes the highest achievement of Chinese novel literature.

Yang Jiang plays an important role as a servant girl who dares to resist fate and feudal rule,.




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