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关于”对老师的感恩“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Gratitude to teachers。以下是关于对老师的感恩的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Gratitude to teachers

We are grateful to our parents for giving us life, our brothers and sisters for their love of hands and feet, our well-informed teachers, our young Shaman's laughter at work, the cultivation of leaders, and the support of colleagues. Although it's hard and difficult, if you have a grateful heart, it's rainbow. After the wind and rain, we thank all the praise Let us have the courage and confidence to thank all those who slander us, let us often think of others, it is ourselves who thank the beauty created by each small flower of nature, bring green grass to every human being, thank the birds for singing to every one of us, for every tree, under the hot sun, thank every good friend, for guiding us, for every bystander With us on the left bank, when we are happy to be grateful, the interest of gratitude lies in the fate of gratitude, and we should also be depressed, because problems often open the door to wisdom.




The poet said: spring flowers push the door open, I said: Thanksgiving to the door push open life, if you listen carefully to the voice of flowers, everywhere is a harmonious dynamic of life, then, as a middle school student, how to thank parents first, because everyone's life is a continuation of a parent's blood, all parents have given us love, let us enjoy the world's family affection and happiness We want to thank our parents for our growth and our friends. Our teachers' love for us and their words and deeds have benefited us all our lives. We should be grateful for the efforts and sweat we have made for our teachers.

We should be grateful to the teachers' students. In our study life, our classmates encourage each other, help each other, overcome difficulties and setbacks, and taste success and happiness in learning together We should be grateful to the students who work hard with us every day. Thanks to the society, we are always full of love and love for our life.




Thanksgiving flowers and rain, because the rain moistens its growth, the eagle thanks the sky, because the sky let it fly over the mountains, thank the earth, because the earth it is high, I want to thank and grateful, my teacher does not know what flowers bloom at that moment, quietly, quietly, our successor in the 21st century came to this world, slowly, slowly to the age of school, we will never forget the first life Once, how happy and happy, originally is a teacher's kind smile, gentle tone like happiness, playing the sweetest music, let's hypnotize it, the teacher planted the seeds of happiness in our hearts, from time to time sounded our campus's crisp, bright voice, that is what kind of happiness ah, we feel all the happiness is because of For the teacher's love of the sky, the teacher has placed all hope on us, which lies in our students' cheer up. How many memorable days are your glorious people. Teachers let us learn how to face difficulties, how to experience life, how to cherish happiness and how to develop ourselves.

You should not only use our knowledge of ocean surfing, but also teach us how to be grateful Others this is bit by bit, moving scenes of life by wonderful beautiful embellishment, is the consolidation of our memory, is unforgettable Thanksgiving teacher, do not need us to do any earth shaking things, it in daily life bit by bit performance, such as: classroom, firmly staring, after class, the teacher saw the corridor, I heard the etiquette of "good teacher" school, and to the old The teacher waved and said "goodbye to the teacher". This is thanks to the teacher. As long as there is a sincere heart and a grateful heart, life will be in the beautiful place where we are grateful.



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