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关于”外卖投资“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Take out investment。以下是关于外卖投资的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Take out investment

Anita green, head of social research and vice president of gaming at Pax world fund, the third largest social responsibility mutual fund Green recently called gambling "a bad habit of causing huge social costs to American society". She pointed out that there were one or more gambling stocks among the seven largest mutual funds in the United States. She suggested that investors choose a fund that had vowed to avoid them.

In other words, green strongly opposed her own gambling, which was a pleasant activity for me. I went to the racetrack, watched horses, watched horses, and so on The magnificent performance of jockeys and silk made me enjoy the feast even more, because I gambled in Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a day or two, but I only go there once a year or two and set myself a limit of $or $a day. When that day was gone, I walked around to see if the scenery was good or bad, and it seemed that the United States was still moving towards more gambling, so I thought casinos and lottery stocks like mirage resorts Inc.

and Mandalay resort, Scientific Games holdings Corp Such stocks are a good bet, and the moral impulse to invest is commendable, but I doubt the "one size fits all" approach. I think anyone who tries to invest in ethics should respect the complexity and difficulty of the task gap issue. For example, PAX world fund, headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, says it invests only in companies that are "employee friendly, environmentally friendly" and that their communities respect "I believe they will do everything they can to do it, but in an imperfect world, these decisions can be very tricky.

Gap Inc. Friday, the world's largest stock holder, failed in August in an attempt by gap (and some other retailers) to dismiss a lawsuit accusing gap of selling sweatshop made garments in Saipan, the United States, by four other defendants, including Nordstrom and J Crew group Inc, which agreed to settle claims against them by setting up a $10000 fund, doesn't necessarily mean gap is a bad company or condemned in the Saipan case, but it does illustrate the difficulty in ethical investment decisions..


第三大社会责任共同基金Pax World Fund的社会研究主管、副总裁安妮塔•格林(Anita Green)最近将称为“给美国社会造成巨大社会成本的恶习”,指出美国最大的七家共同基金中有一只或多只股,她建议投资者选择一只曾发誓要避开它们的基金,也就是说,她自己的,格林强烈反对,对我来说是一种愉快的活动我去场,观看马、骑师和丝绸的华丽表演,更享受这场盛宴,因为我在拉斯维加斯或大西洋城赌上一两天,但我每一两年只去一次,并给自己定下每天$或$的限额。当那一天不见了,我四处走走,看风景是好是坏,看来美国仍在朝着更多的方向发展,所以我认为赌场和彩票股票——像科学游戏控股公司(Scientific Games Holdings Corp.)幻影度假村公司(Mirage Resorts Inc.)和曼德勒度假村集团(Mandalay Resort Group))这样的股票是很好的押注,投资道德的冲动是值得赞扬的,但我对“一刀切”的做法持怀疑态度,我认为任何试图进行道德投资的人都应该尊重任务差距问题的复杂性和难度。例如,总部位于新罕尔州朴茨茅斯的Pax World Fund表示,它只投资于“善待员工、善待环境”的公司,和他们的社区尊重“我相信他们会尽一切努力做到这一点,但在一个不完美的世界里,这些决定会变得非常棘手。

世界上最大的股票持有量是Gap Inc Friday,Gap(以及其他一些零售商)xx月试图驳回一宗指控Gap在美国塞班地区销售血汗工厂条件下生产的服装的诉讼失败,该诉讼中的其他四名被告,包括Nordstrom公司和J Crew Group Inc,同意通过设立一个万美元的基金来解决对他们的索赔这些都不一定意味着Gap是一家糟糕的公司,或者在塞班案中受到谴责,但这确实说明了在做出道德投资决策时的困难。。


Energy and nuclear energy is another issue of intense concern after Chernobyl and the Three Mile Island incident. I can't say that it is wrong to pay attention to the safety of nuclear power plants. However, I believe that people forget that hundreds of people in oil and coal power plants are injured and polluted on a large scale, at least potentially.

Compared with most compes, it is a kind of energy with less pollution, so the reduction of energy makes it possible to reduce energy consumption I have the impression that in an expanding economy, misleading economic opportunities and social justice are easier to achieve, while economic expansion actually requires a lot of energy. For some people, alcohol is the worst villain. However, when the state tried to ban alcohol during prohibition, the experiment proved to be a failure.

I can't help but add that people who drink moderately have a much lower risk of heart attack than people who quit drinking. At the moment, I don't want to hold any liquor stocks, but at the right price, I'll have one.




Smoke free zone in my personal portfolio, the only industry I don't invest in is tobacco. When used as planned, tobacco causes disease and suffering, while most other industries cause problems only when abused. Customer portfolios are another thing when managing other people's money.

Your job is to maximize performance. We are in Dorfman Investments does not have tobacco stocks, but I am a member of the stock selection committee of Dreman value management, a money management company that has tobacco holdings linked to performance, Morningstar The social responsibility mutual fund tracked by Chicago Research Corporation has a% return. In the five years ended October, the average annual return was 10%, while in my company, the return on the S & P index was%.

Customers with their own independent accounts can specify any ethical restrictions they want. One of my clients doesn't want to have weapons inventory for her, i You won't buy shares like Lockheed Martin Corp., Litton Industries Inc., Cordant Technologies Inc. or Kaman Corp., but they will appear in the portfolios of many other clients --%.


无烟区在我的个人投资组合中,我唯一不会投资的行业是,当按计划使用时,会导致疾病和痛苦,而大多数其他行业只有在被滥用时才会引发问题客户投资组合在管理别人的钱时是另一回事,你的工作是使业绩最大化我们在Dorfman Investments没有股票,但我是一家资金管理公司Dreman Value management的选股委员会成员,该公司有持股与业绩挂钩,晨星公司(Morningstar Inc.)芝加哥研究公司跟踪的“社会责任”共同基金,回报率为a%在截至xx月的xx年里,平均每年的回报率是百分之十,而同期在我的公司,标准普尔指数的回报率是%,有自己账户的客户可以指定他们想要的任何道德限制我的一个客户不想为她拥有武器库存,我不会买洛克希德马丁公司(Lockheed Martin Corp.)利顿工业公司(Litton Industries Inc.)科丹特技术公司(Cordant Technologies Inc.)或卡曼公司(Kaman Corp.)这样的股票,但这类股票将出现在许多其他客户的投资组合中―――%%・。

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