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Self introduction / opening meeting / opening remarks good morning, ladies and gentlemen Hello, everyone, welcome nice to meet you very glad to meet you thank you for coming here we've never met before, so I'd better / like / want to introduce myself. I'm Li Yang from Laike / let me introduce myself first. I hope you can forgive me for being a bit unaccustomed / nervous / please forgive me for my poor English (/ ; prepare to be an adult .

What I'm going to say today is that I can share my experience with you I'll start with the description and then move on to the end, I'll say I think, if you don't mind, we'll leave the questions to the end / if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them / please keep / keep any questions until the end ; remember this point pass the message first the second / first the next this brings me to my next question / if you have any questions, please feel free to interrupt / ; I must emphasize / emphasize / clarify / ID I want to emphasize / / , we must consider / at this point we must remember / / / now, leave the topic for a while / now change the topic for a while / return to my previous point of view / return to my previous point of view final / summary (again, that's what I'm going to say now / now / today / this is the end of my speech / thank you for listening / coming / coming here / thanking you for your attention now if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them / I'd be happy to answer any questions / if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them / finally, I'd like to summarize the main points of the email I hope you have a good time today thank you for listening ; thank you for your time thank you very much Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I'm honored to be here. I'm glad to see you all thank me for what I'm going to do.

Today, I'm talking about American education. First of all, I want to talk about American high school students. My topic today is very interesting, because American high school students are very different from Chinese high school students.

I used to be a teacher in an American high school. I hope to share my experience with you.


自我介绍/开始会议/开场白 女士们先生们,早上好 大家好,欢迎光临 很高兴见到大家 非常高兴见到大家 感谢您来到这里 我们以前从未见过面,所以我最好/喜欢/想自我介绍一下我自己,我是来自莱科的李阳/首先让我介绍一下我自己,希望你能原谅我的英语有点不习惯/紧张/请原谅我糟糕的英语 (/ 准备成人 我今天要说的是我可以和你分享我的经历 我会从描述开始,然后继续到最后,我会以 我想,如果你不介意的话,我们把问题留到最后/如果你有任何问题我很乐意回答他们 / 请保留/保留任何问题直到最后 记住这一要点 传递信息 首先第二个/首先下一个 这让我到我的下一个问题/如果你有任何问题请随时打断 / 我必须强调/强调/明确/Id我想强调一下 /// 在这一点上我们必须考虑/在这一点上我们必须记住 // 现在,离开话题一会儿/现在换个话题一会儿 / 回到我之前的观点/回到我之前提出的观点 最后/总结(再一次,这就是我现在要说的/现在/今天/ 这是我演讲的结尾 / 感谢您的倾听/前来/来到这里/感谢您的关注 现在如果有任何问题,我很乐意回答他们/我很乐意回答任何问题/如果您有任何问题,我很高兴回答他们 / 最后我想总结一下邮件要点 我希望你们今天玩得愉快 谢谢您的收听 谢谢您抽出时间 非常感谢 美国高中生 女士们,先生们,早上好我很荣幸来到这里,我很高兴看到你们大家感谢我要做的事情今天讲的是美国的教育。首先,我想谈谈美国高中生。我今天的话题很有趣,因为美国高中生和中国高中生有很大的不同。



Wushu is the general name of Wushu, which includes armed and unarmed routines. People think that Wushu can cultivate the mind, strengthen the body and improve the fighting skills. Unarmed martial arts are similar to Western boxing, including Changquan, Nanquan, Taijiquan, Xingyi Quan and other schools.

There are many other weapons used in armed martial arts, ranging from swords, spears, knives to sticks, nine chain whips, and even "meteor hammer" (iron balls are tied at the end of the chain, each weapon has several routines related to armed or unarmed boxing. Martial arts can be practiced separately by two People or in a group is not only a kind of martial arts, martial arts include movements: Dance Wushu has a profound impact on Chinese opera and acrobatics.




Wushu, also known as modern Wushu or contemporary Wushu, is not only an exhibition, but also a full contact sport originated from Chinese Traditional Wushu. It was founded in the people's Republic of China to nationalize the practice of Chinese Traditional Wushu. Most modern competition forms (Taolu) are formed by the Committee of its mother Wushu (see the table below) designated by the government.

Some authors speculate that sports martial arts The emergence of martial arts and its separation from self-defense and traditional closed family lineage system is to suppress China's view on the potential subversive aspects of contemporary Chinese martial arts. Wushu has become a real international sports event through the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). The World Wushu Championships are held every two years.

The first World Championships are held in Beijing and won by Zhang Clarke. Modern Wushu is composed of two disciplines: forms and sparing. The form of routine is similar to gymnastics, including Wushu patterns and movements.

The contestants are judged and scored according to specific rules. The forms include basic movements (posture, kicking, boxing, balance, jumping, sweeping and throwing). On the basis of general categories, the traditional Chinese Wushu style can be changed into competition In order to highlight their own advantages, there is a time limit in the form of competition.

From minutes, modern Wushu athletes more and more carry out aerial skills training, such as jumping and kicking, in order to increase the difficulty and style.



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