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关于”减少雾霾“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Reduce haze。以下是关于减少雾霾的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reduce haze

Haze is a kind of air pollution. It mixes with dust, smoke and other dry particles to make the sky fuzzy and interact with the natural environment. The components of haze may have a negative impact on people's health, especially the health of children and the elderly.

It is also not ruled out that people with such diseases are at high risk to their health due to asthma, allergy, pneumonia and lung disease. One of the effective solutions to eliminate haze is to carry out some chemical changes in the manufacturing process so as to reduce the risk of haze Less harmful emissions from manufacturing operations.




First, the elderly and children with weak resistance to go out and people susceptible to respiratory diseases should try their best to reduce going out or outdoor activities. When going out, they should wear protective masks to prevent pollutants from entering the lungs through the nose and mouth. When going out, they should step back and wash their faces and expose their skin twice to avoid haze, low air pressure, low visibility and large amount of powder suspended in the air due to low air pressure and toxic particles Dust, patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with bronchial asthma and chronic respiratory diseases should avoid outdoor exercise to avoid inducing or aggravating epileptic seizures.

It is not suitable to do outdoor exercise with chronic low pressure fog, chronic hypertension and coronary heart disease, so as to avoid inducing angina pectoris and heart failure. Moderate and severe haze can easily stimulate the respiratory and circulatory system of human body In the morning, the air quality is generally poor. When there is no rain, snow, wind and other weather in the cold air, it is best to choose the exercise time.

From morning to night, the air quality is good and the visibility is high. There are trees in many parts of the grassland. In haze weather, the movement momentum should be reduced and the exercise intensity should be moderate.

Thirdly, due to the haze weather, the doors and windows are closed, and the air is difficult to disperse the pollution Fourth, pay attention to diet. Patients with chronic respiratory diseases, especially the elderly, should abide by the law of life science, avoid excessive fatigue, drink more water to light diet, eat more spicy food, eat more tofu, milk and other food, If necessary, vitamin D 5 should be supplemented. Moderate and severe haze, low visibility and poor eyesight should be taken seriously.

Drivers, cyclists and walkers should be more careful. Especially at unattended intersections and railway crossings, slow down, obey traffic rules and avoid traffic accidents (pay attention to haze, please pay attention to the weather network for your attention to haze topics).




In recent years, China has appeared a wide range of haze, has become a hot social issue of general concern to the public today. Various regions have issued measures to strengthen the control of haze or haze, which is composed of small particles such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, dust, smoke, salt, etc. based on PM haze, harmful substances are often mixed.

If people are exposed in the haze environment for a long time, they will be exposed for a long time It is called "hidden killer of haze health" which is called "hidden killer of haze health". It is realized that Tianmao is not in one step to control haze, but it is not impossible. In the long run, the best way is to reduce PMPM Motor Vehicle Emission Management Office of fuel consumption motor vehicles, lianaiping, director of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, said in a telephone interview with the first financial daily, that North Beijing Beijing / 4 afternoon "investment", 3 / 4 is one of the "production in Beijing".

The "contribution rate" of automobile exhaust is greater than that. Therefore, the focus of automobile exhaust is "the target of Beijing to prevent particulate matter pollution" source reduction, and reducing air pollutants is the fundamental way to solve haze, "said Li Hong, vice director of information technology committee, said Li Hong, a researcher at China Institute of Atmospheric Physics, said that root According to the emergency plan for heavy air pollution in Beijing, key enterprises in Beijing have realized the production of enterprises. The enterprises of pollution source are cut off completely.

By reducing production load, reducing pollution supply and demand, realizing the coupling of pollution reduction and emission reduction, and Pinggu cement plant 2, many emission reduction tasks of cement industry have been realized.



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