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关于”生活的第一年“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The first year of life。以下是关于生活的第一年的高三英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The first year of life

I got the biggest harvest in my freshman year. Today, I still remember the first day when I entered the university gate. I was too excited and happy to express my feelings.

Time was flying. I wanted to end the first year of college life. Looking back, I was really lucky to have gained so much, such as the experience of participating in various activities and taking so many useful lessons that I was interested in Cheng's process and so on.

For me, the biggest gain is to have the opportunity to meet all the real good friends from all over the country. Every time I think of them, I will be grateful. My dear friends hope that our friendship will last forever.




Going to university is an exciting thing for me, because I have been studying hard to realize this dream before I enter the campus. I have a good imagination of university life. But the first year of university let me realize the campus life.

I spent a lot of time on study before I went to university. I think the university life will be very easy, I can do whatever I want, but I didn't expect that I needed so much attention on my study. All the people around me went to the library.

If I played so well, college life would not be so easy. When I live far away from home, I am very free, I enjoy this freedom, my parents always stare at me, so when I live with them in the dormitory, I can't be myself, I can stay up late to participate in activities. It's young people's right.

Although it's not easy for me to be a freshman, I still like campus life.




In my freshman year, many high school graduates mistakenly believe that college life is completely free from worries. After a period of serious and serious study in senior three, these hardworking beavers hope to have a rest and form some habits. Many people may later find that the situation may be beyond their expectation.

I try to persuade the adults around me that they think my college students Life is a free and unrestrained life. What misunderstanding does this have in reality? School life is so busy, I sometimes wonder whether my energy is enough in my freshman year. My life is mainly composed of learning and practice.

The main task is to learn to get a high GPA. I must adapt to the life style of University and start a new learning pursuit. This is the learning method To show most of the differences between high school study and college study, there is a roommate who goes out to class in the morning and studies in the evening and comes back after the classroom is closed.

The behavior of my peers made me feel pressure in University. A complete outlook on life was formed and strengthened. I began to plan my future plans and realized that learning itself was a thing for me.

The more I memorize the course, the more mature my college education will be to ensure that students have better jobs. I usually think that it is worthwhile to take time to study, because it bears the important events of occupation, occupation and responsibility, learning and practice to some extent. They are intertwined.

From the beginning of freshman year, the student union has been almost completely recognized. Here, people can exercise their abilities, use their abilities, and make many friends with the same interests. But sometimes, social activities and practice are very time-consuming.

What's more, the sense of responsibility also requires you to work hard to complete a task that no one starts from where he or she is now. Sometimes this is what he or she wants to do, and only when you are ready, the opportunity will be It will lead you to some unforeseen paths. My first year of college was not relaxed, but I was full of curiosity and satisfaction.

Time consumed you. This is my reason.




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