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关于”道路愤怒“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Road rage。以下是关于道路愤怒的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Road rage

Tokyo, with narrow lanes, radial highways, overcrowded parking lots and noisy vehicles, most of the streets in Tokyo can be traced back to historical times and consist of narrow, curved lanes that are not suitable for mass use of cars. Radial expressways and expressways built to modernize the road network are often severely congested, and slow parking is a major problem. One must provide a proof of off street, overnight parking, Tokyo pet car.




The construction and maintenance of roads is a public service managed by the government. However, the funds come from who thinks that the government should allocate funds from the state finance for road construction, while others believe that roads are built for the people. Therefore, every taxpayer has the responsibility to build and maintain roads.

The so-called "taking from the people and using them for the people" is the first point of view, They think that the government should spend every cent on everything related to people's lives. However, in reality, the government can not make specific plans and fund allocation for every detail of social operation. Only with specific macro-control power for highway construction, many people believe that based on the above principles, the government can not make specific plans and fund allocation for every detail of social operation Since roads are built for the convenience of people, every taxpayer has the obligation to invest a little bit in road construction, which is not only for the overall planning of the city, but also for its own fundamental purpose.

Once completed, the road will become wider and longer, and the facilities along the road will be better utilized. At that time, people can further improve their work efficiency Wait a minute. I know that the second opinion is more reasonable and feasible, because it has two advantages: the government can reduce the heavy burden, simplify and clarify the use of funds.

Taxpayers can clearly understand the use of the funds turned in at a glance, so as to improve transparency. Therefore, in highway construction, it is a good measure to allocate funds from the taxes paid by the people.




Zhang is the deputy leader of the maintenance team of Lai'an Highway Bureau and the leader of the disease treatment team of Lai'an Highway Bureau. He is trained like a doctor. He has to diagnose and treat the road every day to ensure that the road is smooth, tidy, safe and smooth.

Although he is the deputy director of the maintenance department, he looks at it in the office Without his shadow, every day from morning to night, people who work together with loyal workers on the road know that he is a person who loves and loves. He respects his own work. Although Zhang Yingwen, who dares to be British, is engaged in an extraordinary road maintenance work, he knows how to ensure the safety and smoothness of roads.

The significant trunk road is the national economy and ensures the national economic security It is an extraordinary and great work that all people are engaged in this work. The road is capable, and the highway maintenance worker is a technical and heavy physical work. His outdoor work mainly has two characteristics.

One is that the higher the summer weather is, the more we have to work on the road first. The cold weather, especially in the snow field, the more we need to remove snow on the road, Comrade Zhang Ren Shen Xianshi, the deputy director of Xiaoxiu, leads Sanfu workers to fight the summer and winter wars. In March, he calcines and trains a road repair team.

Zhanghe shares in Daying work in Sanming. The weather is hot, and the busier the road repair pit is, you can see him burning in the shadow and hiding fire. He takes the lead in tanning while his skin is dry, but his attraction and cohesion are enhanced.



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