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It is very common to complain and complain in life. There are always some unsatisfied things. It is easy to criticize and blame others.

The nagging person always complains about his leadership, his colleagues, even his wife. His complaint and complaint make him and others unhappy, and it is useless to complain. Instead, it led to hostility between Beth.

A loser is always critical, a successful person always praises others' advantages, because he only sees the advantages of others, and learns from others' advantages to expand his own self. The person who complains only sees the weakness of others. He thinks that he is perfect, so he seldom or never learns anything from others.

Gradually, he loses his superiority. What we should do is to praise others instead of complaining. An ounce of praise is worth a pound of criticism.

A person with good intentions always respects others and appreciates their work and efforts. He congratulates farewell He is happy for people's achievements and success, because they are his own deeds and highly valued by them. Therefore, he himself is respected and appreciated.

Let us complain less and praise more, so as to make our world full of good wishes.





Complaints and claims for delayed shipment dear sir, the furniture we ordered from you should have arrived at us a week ago. The delay in delivery has brought us great inconvenience, so you must deliver the goods immediately, otherwise we will have to cancel the order and pick up the goods elsewhere.




Dear, ① I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm afraid I have to complain. ③ the reason why I'm not satisfied is that, first of all, ④ and ⑤ in this case, I feel that (7) I'm very grateful for your better solution to this matter. I hope you can solve it before (8).

Thank you for your consideration and I shall be looking forward to your sincere reply, Li Ming (letter of complaint) Florence, lomyel School of business, Ball State University, November, general computer company, P.O. Box worth, dear Sir: with regard to our order No. W, the supply of computer equipment in the above order was delivered the day before yesterday, but we regret that the computer suite is seriously damaged.

The package containing the computer kit appears to be in good condition and we accept and sign for it without any doubt. We carefully unpack the computer package and can only assume that the damage was caused by careless operation at some stage before packaging. We would appreciate it if you could replace them all.

At the same time, we have put the damaged computer kits aside in case you need them to support your claim against your supplier and sincerely claim against your supplier. (signature) Sunshine Company Zhongcheng road Jinlian building Shanghai September sales manager Yazhi clothing company West Street, Nanjing Jiangsu Province respected Mr. Chang: September, I We have promptly investigated the case and found that the damage was caused by improper packing.

Needless to say, we have suffered great losses because we can't sell the sweaters to our customers. We ask you to investigate, You are the manager of sunny Lee.



我们小心地拆开电脑套件的包装,只能认为损坏是由于包装前某个阶段的不小心操作造成的。如果你方能全部更换,我们将不胜感激同时,我们已将损坏的电脑套件放在一边,以防您需要它们来支持向您的供应商提出索赔,真诚地向您的供应商索赔,(签名)阳光公司中成路金莲大厦上海xx月销售经理雅致服装公司西街,南京江苏省尊敬的常先生:xx月,我方订购的女式棉衣已如期收到,但遗憾的是,白色棉衣严重弄脏,我们已立即调查此案,结果表明损坏是由于包装不当造成的,供应商对此负有责任,不用说,我们因此蒙受了巨大的损失,因为我们不能将这种情况下的毛衣卖给我们的顾客,我们请你方进行调查,并真诚地答复我们,你方是sunny lee经理。

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