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Leon (gene Renault) is a tormented soul. He lives in dirty and pain, never really happy or get along with himself peacefully. After all, he is a killer.

He lives quietly, from being killed to being killed, harming anyone who doesn't get paid. He is a simple person, a child like man, who lives in his own In a set of moral values, they are troubled. What he seems most afraid of is to change Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is a young girl next door to Leon.

She lives with her father, stepmother, half sister and half brother. She lives in awe of dark strangers. She doesn't know that her real occupation is defeated by her parents and sisters.

She is the family of Matilda When she was brutally killed by a drug addict Norman Stansfield, she gave up school and watched cartoons all day, trying to escape from the real world (Gary Alderman - her only chance to survive was to hide with her neighbors. When she learned about Leon's real identity, she described him and "the cold world", a stark portrayal of humanity and inhumanity, to Luc ·Besson's style and technique. What's more, the combination of gene Reynolds, Natalie Portman and Gary Alderman not only provides unparalleled screen chemistry, but also creates three perfect characters.

This film is the best film I personally recommend. I haven't seen any matching film in terms of intensity and emotion. Believe me, I find myself very much Caring about the characters involved is a unique experience in itself.

It's not. Nevertheless, it's an unforgettable film history.




Movies - what movies do you like? You like comedies. I like comedies. They're funny.

I like action movies. I like Chen long. I think he's the best.

I don't like those documentaries. They're boring. Do you like them? My dad likes them.

He thinks it's funny. Is that strange.




Movie Mary likes movies very much. She has no classes and no homework on Saturdays, so she always goes to the movies in the afternoon. She likes to watch interesting movies, but she often watches other types of movies.

She usually goes to see movies with other classmates. They sit together and eat nuts and ice cream. When something interesting happens, they all laugh.

Last Saturday, Mary saw a film about an interesting person. His name was Percy Percy. He was fat and had a big black moustache.

One night he went out to play cards with his friends. When he came home in the middle of the night, his wife fell asleep and a fierce dog ran after him. His pants pocket was torn, so Percy lost his key.

He tried to climb up the ladder and enter his house through the window, but he slipped down the ladder and made a terrible noise. His wife woke up and yelled, "help the thief." someone called the police. The police arrived soon.

Percy ran away, but he slipped and fell into the mud on the river bank. Mary and her friends laughed a lot. The little villain chased the thief.


电影 玛丽非常喜欢电影她星期六没有课也没有家庭作业,所以她总是在下午去看电影她喜欢看有趣的电影,但她经常看其他类型的电影她通常和其他同学一起去看,他们坐在一起吃坚果和冰激凌,当有趣的事情发生时,他们都会笑。上周六,玛丽看了一部关于一个有趣的人的电影,他叫珀西·珀西,很胖,留着一个又大又黑的小胡子。一天晚上他出去和朋友们打牌。


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