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关于”学校不是一座象牙塔“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:School is not an ivory tower。以下是关于学校不是一座象牙塔的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:School is not an ivory tower

Note: to write a composition entitled "student part-time job", you should write at least a few words according to the outline given below. It has many advantages in the part-time work of Chinese students. For example, it helps him realize that failure to succeed is out of thin air, which enables him to be independent and establish self-confidence.

Therefore, part-time work can let students go out of the ivory tower and give them a chance to learn more I believe that students can choose a job according to their own situation. The most important thing is to keep one (a good balance, put his study first, and allocate enough time for it) independent learning] adj building the ivory tower became absorbed in backward acceptance.




Since the two higher education courses launched in Silicon Valley last year, UDCS have launched large-scale online education courses in the coming era of moaics. Now these two courses are realized through open online courses. The ivory tower of academic circles has shaken to their foundation.

The university brand established for several centuries is forced to consider the rapid development of information technology At the same time, the number of MOOCS has doubled, and resources and student recruitment have yet to figure out the business model of their network: fanatics have something to control the ivory tower of the start-up academia and, in some cases, consider doubling udacity courseramooc.




In my sophomore's college life, I feel that time flies. Recalling the past year, so many thoughts come to my mind at this time. I just can't say what I really think.

The memory is so fresh. However, when I first came to University yesterday, all the things happened yesterday. I really thought the school was very good, but at the beginning I saw the dormitory, there were some disappointments The situation appeared in my mind, the dormitory conditions are really bad, there is only one room, no toilet, I saw some sad things in my father's eyes, maybe at that time he thought of the poor conditions, so there was a big smile on his face, I told my father that it was ok, dad in this situation, I would be better, my father felt better, but when he came back When I saw his back, I just wanted to cry.

I felt that I was isolated in this city. From then on, I said to myself, you have no one else here to help you, just rely on yourself. Then I came to my dormitory.

I thought I would stay here for four years (in fact, I moved to another dormitory after one year). My roommates were there, most of them were from four Chuan, they chat with happy voices, but I can't understand them any more. I feel isolated and I hate this feeling.

Then I say hello to them. They are friendly and warm-hearted to me. I don't feel afraid any more.

I get along well with them. But on the first night here, I cry because I miss my family. I don't know why I am here every day When I was at home, I just wanted to go to school, in order to experience the wonderful university life, but when I came here, I just wanted to go back to the past.

Although it was strange, you must know this feeling.



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