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关于”改变了我的生活“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Changed my life。以下是关于改变了我的生活的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Changed my life

With the popularity of the Internet, people seem to have a great dependence on it, because we have the Internet, our life is changing every day, we can get information from the Internet of other countries or regions, we can share our experience with others, enjoy many beautiful things, and learn a lot of knowledge from the Internet If we want to learn something, there are many websites that contain different skills or theoretical knowledge. All we have to do is click the mouse, and then we can get the information we want. Many people put a lot of short videos on the Internet to teach others.

Through the Internet, we can contact anyone. The Internet provides us with a channel to connect with others through a number of applications. We just need to download some software and install them so that we can get in touch with family or friends.

In addition, we can use a lot of free resources by checking the Internet. The Internet provides us with a platform to learn knowledge and connect with others. We have benefited a lot from it.





My best friend's attitude to my life has changed. She is a stubborn girl, she always appears with a bright smile, her dimples make her look lovely and sunny. Her passion for life has infected me.

She never feels disappointed. No matter what difficulties she encounters, she knows how to arrange her time reasonably. Therefore, she always likes sports, like playing table tennis and badminton.

You can see her agile figure on the playground when she is resting. However, I always spend a lot of time studying and worrying about some things. Compared with her, I am really a diligent girl, but usually my score is lower than her, which really puzzles me.

I begin to reflect on my thinking process, which makes me clear a lot of confusion. During the time with her, she always brings me happiness. You can listen to what she says.





QQ people living in the century, in fact, you are a feeling in my heart. Now is a network era, the information is everywhere in the Internet world, so that we can understand the world events in a foreign country without leaving home. Our thoughts are not affected by the moon.

We can call your relatives and friends to chat, and watch each other in the QQ camera, which provides a platform for divorced life experience To the most incisive MSN, through MSN and Tradelink, the business scope is closely connected with customers, saving a lot of postage and travel news, and its work efficiency gets twice the result with half the effort. The boss is happy. If you say that without the help of computer, you can only do it by yourself in my mind.

Now mpqq is so lucky that I have caught up with the last bus in the information age In the box, I was surprised to see some sunny young people looking at the children, MP3 players, mobile phones ringing frequently, holding laptops to concentrate on the public Internet has become a landscape of the city. Although I still don't know anything about many software on the computer, no matter how I integrate with the time, I also count the people on the front porch and the people we come from all over the world Friends chat about QQ or chess games, a lot of knowledge is not just entertainment, feelings grow more qqmsn, I am a quiet person, do not include right and wrong, and colleagues between the grievances and humiliation to know that such a low-key, so tolerance is not his nature, if you do not learn to protect yourself, he will never be in life, uncertain one day will derail his casual words and fans Thank you for letting me do what I want in my fantasy. Thank you for letting me find a new life coordinate in QQ and MSN.

It's so natural and free to get along with friends on QQ and MSN. It's unacceptable to talk to myself without vigilance. The way to vent my anger has been accumulated in my heart and hurt the other party for no reason.



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